How soon after are real symptoms and not side effects?


Hello Ladies!
Does anyone know when “real” pregnancy symptoms begin following transfer?


[QUOTE=denise4959]Hello Ladies!
Does anyone know when “real” pregnancy symptoms begin following transfer?[/QUOTE]

There really is no way to know for sure since they are the same from the meds and the pregnancy. In my 2ww I had nausea, headaches, very sore enlarged breasts, and heartburn, but these are all side effects I have had before when I turned out not to be pregnant, but had taken the HCG trigger and progesterone supplements.

In my previous three unmedicated pregnancies I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms until I was 8 weeks along (well except the following…).

For me, there are two symptoms though that I believe to be pregnancy and not the meds and those were that I had a brief moment of sharp intense cramping that woke me from sleeping at 2 days past my 5 day transfer. I believe this was implantation as I also experienced that with two of my three other pregnancies that were unmedicated. I have never had this when not pregnant so…It was a good clue that my IVF worked.

Also, I started craving milk, salt, and peanut butter (not together–lol) almost right away and I have never craved stuff before on the meds when not pregnant so have no reason to believe that was from the meds and rather must have been from the pregnancy. I didn’t really think much about the cravings until about a week after my transfer I suddenly craved this playdough my mom used to make for us as kids that was made from flour, oil, and salt basically and was very very salty. It was a really strange craving as I hadn’t even remembered she made it for us until that moment so that again was a big clue to me that I had to be pregnant.

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