How soon after one medicated failed IUI can you start a new one?


Just getting a plan in place, just in case…


My clinic has you meet with (or talk on the phone with) my RE 7-10 days after each IUI to review the cycle and make a plan for next cycle. This last time, my RE was out of town, so we talked on day 12… but we were making a plan for the next cycle, if necessary. As far as I know, there’s no reason not to just go right into the next cycle after a medicated cycle. I know my plan was to do that, but I was taking clomid.


[FONT=“Arial”][COLOR=“Teal”]As long as you don’t have any cysts that are too large, you should be able to start again right away.[/FONT]


My RE said that if/when AF shows, I just call and start the process again just like this past month. No delay.


I did all of my cycles back to back. As soon as I started my cycle, my doctor would call in my meds so I could get started.


As long as everything is clear, right away.