How soon after transfer did you get a BFP?


So, I’m just wondering when you got a BFP on a HPT after your transfer, what type of HPT did you use? We did a 5 day transfer of 2 beautiful blasts from a proven donor. I’m 5 days post transfer and got a BPN this morning on an ept digital HPT. I’m just super nervous… Thanks!


Don’t test this soon with a digital. You have to have at least 50 uL of HCG on board for them to work. Go get a FRER from the store. I tested 8dp3dt with one embryo and got a faint positive and even better response the next day. I finally was able to use a digital by 10p3dt. My beta last wed was 175! Good luck and get a FRER they only need about 12 uL to get a postive :slight_smile:


If you can stand the wait, I’d say to wait until a full 9 days past 5 dt. That’s the day when the charts say HCG should be “immediately detectable”. I waited until 3:30am on the 9th day and got a +. The line got darker and darker after that but was still quite firmly a + on day 9 and not faint.


I used FRER and I tested 6dp3dt and I got a BFP. It was very faint, and I found myself taking like 5 more over the next several days. We had our beta 11dp3dt, and my level was 208.