How soon can you become pregnant again


I know, it’s different for every woman, but how soon can you become pregnant again? According to those ovulation sticks, which measure the LH, I have a surge again (this is the second time, 4 months after birth). This would indicate ovulation is happening. I have spotted, but not like a regular AF, more like one day of AF. Does that mean, I get the LH surge, but no ovulation?

Does anyone know or have more information about the cycle post-partum?


There is, of course, no single best answer to this question. You and your partner should try for a second child, if you want one, when you feel the time is right for you. There are many advantages in having your children closer together, and many advantages in having them further apart. Ultimately, if nature allows you to conceive when you want to, you can weigh up the arguments yourself and make the choice based on your own feelings and preferences. There are some medical reasons which might push you towards choosing to wait 18-23 months after one pregnancy before beginning the next. This will mean that your children are 2-3 years apart. Statistically, a gap this size gives you the lowest chance of your next baby being premature or of low birth weight. Having said this, most babies are not premature or of low birth weight, whatever the interval that you have left between them and their sibling. You might though, also want to consider the toll pregnancy took on your body if you opt for a shorter interval between babies. This will vary between women.