How soon can you start IVF after a laparoscopy?


I had a laparoscopy done on October 14th, 2013. I had both fallopian tubes removed due to hydrosalpinx. I had a lot of adhesions to clean up while removing the tubes. I was wondering how soon can you start IVF. I was told I could start on the birth control pills in December and start injections in January 2014. Is that enough time to heal and prepare my body for a second IVF attempt? I’m anxious to start again.


I had laparoscopy in mid April and started birth control pills for IVF at the end of May. RE suggested we give at least 6 weeks for surgery to heal before starting IVF cycle.


Well I like to chime in. I had my laparoscopy this past Friday and will go for my post op exam in a few days. My timeline is a little different than most due to a time crunch - my RE office closes for two weeks over Christmas and New year and I rather not have to start all over with new insurance - a change there too. I will not going to be on BCP and will start stims and injections from the get go with my next AF which should be sometime end next week. That will give me about 2weeks of recuperating time. I didn’t have any issues or pain with the procedure so I am praying and stay hopeful that our first IVF attempt will be successful.


You got your tubes removed, so the circumstance is different, but just FYI, I got an emergency laparoscopy on the day after egg retrieval due to massive internal bleeding. I went for the transfer 5 days after egg retrieval as planned since my body was healing nicely. With my first lap, it took a long time for my body to recover (different surgeon + developed mild OHSS). If your body feels fine like you can walk without discomfort, it should be okay.