How soon post-partum


I’ve asked that question in another forum, but never really got a satisfying answer…

I know, it’s different for every woman, but how soon can you become pregnant again? According to those ovulation sticks, which measure the LH, I have a surge again (this is the second time, 4 months after birth). This would indicate ovulation is happening. I have spotted, but not like a regular AF, more like one day of AF. Does that mean, I get the LH surge, but no ovulation?

Does anyone know or have more information about the cycle post-partum?


I don’t know for sure because this is my first pregnancy, but my mom gave birth to one of my brothers on February 26 1993 and then my youngest brother on January 27 1994. Almost exactly 11 months to the day. So that would mean she got pregnant again like 2 months later.

I would think it depends on the woman probably.


Thanks, ladies. It seems, for the last 3 months, I’ve had an LH surge fairly regularly and some spotting, but no full on AF. Would that possibly mean, that I don’t yet ovulate despite the LH surge?


are you breastfeeding? because if you are, you won’t get a period or you’ll get very very light periods. And you can ovulate without AF.
So I’m not positive but I owuld say if you are getting an LH surge you ARE ovulating, regardless of what AF is doing.


Yes, I am breastfeeding. I have heard, that this would only affect the first AF, that’s why I’m not at all sure.


While it is generally true you don’t get your period while breastfeeding it is not always the case. I breastfed exclusively and AF came back regularly at 4 months. I have had others friends get theirs back while breastfeeding as well but no one a early as I did. That was kind of a bummer!
Also, be aware that some RE’s won’t allow you to start any medicated cycle until a few months after you stop breastfeeding.


This is how mine is, I never checked for surges or anything but while BFing I have had no period. My son I made it 4 months and shortly after stopping I got AF and right now the twins are 11weeks and again no sign of AF at all.
So while what Susse said is right that it isn’t a stead fast rule, it sounds like for you, AF will have nothing to do with your cycle for now. It is entirely possible to get pregnant without AF and while breastfeeding and it can happen at any time, naturally.