How to deal with going ahead with DE


Hi I have been on this forum for the past year under a different name - Suma.
I changed my username coz I wanted to keep this news as private as possible. I have made a lot of connections on here but I still want to be able to keep in touch but I need this new ID to talk more about our situation.
Well after our 4th IVF and 2nd ET we are now looking moving onto DE. since my AMH is really low - RE recommends that would be the best option - esp since my embies were not of great quality.
I have known this was coming for a while now. Ever since my AMH was tested more than a year ago. But now when reality has really struck that I may never have my own bioliogical child on top of this BFN - has really kind of devasted me. I think I have hit rock bottom right now. Didnt realize that there was more pain that I could actually have from this process.
What I would like some input on is how some of you ladies accepted this fact and moved?
I am already looking for a donor but its just so hard to accept. I feel like I am looknig for a girlfriend for my DH. DH is being extremely supportive and is saying I should take as much time as I need. But i just want to be pregnant!!
Also if any of you have some experience with finding a Indian donor that would be very much appreciated too.

Thank you all in advance.