How to prep for IVF to improve egg quality


I am new here and excited to finally get some people to talk to about this journey. I am 34 y/o told i had DOR last year (AMH 1.26, recently had 2.04). Hubby has no problems. 4 Failed IUI (2 clomid, 1 combo clomid-menopur, estrace, 1 injectibles). We are now ready for IVF, but would like info on tips on how to make “better eggs”. New RE said diagnosis is unexplained infertility and likely due to egg quality. I’ve cut down on caffeine significantly but would love to know any other info on supplements etc. I’m also interested in acupuncture. (I’m an RN work in high stress field)


Hi taorminagirl2000! I am in almost identical boat you are - 34, healthy, low-normal AMH, DH perfect, some mild endo. 2 failed IUIs, then we did back to back IVFs last summer, both failed and were due to poor egg/embryo quality. We took a much needed break and are getting ready to start again, probably with an IUI since I just had an HSG and tubes were great. I have been doing weekly acupuncture for 4 months, started taking DHEA 25 mg three times a day, started low dose naltrexone (for stress reasons - I’m an ob/gyne doc, for goodness sake! Talk about STRESS!! I am right there with you!), and saw an integrative medicine doctor who found I have a moderate gluten allergy and mild dairy/egg allergy, so I have (mostly…) cut those out for a few months. The DHEA and acupuncture were the most significant things I could find that improved outcomes with people who have unexplained poor egg quality. I’ll keep you posted! GOOD LUCK!!


Hi Ash13… Nice to meet you :)… Just like you, HSG normal. Our RE consult went really well. We have another orientation (details-finance-process) next week. We drive 2 and 1/2 hrs to the clinic so it will be quite challenging. I have heard of CQ10 pills that helped some people (cellular level/mitochodrial development?). Hoping to get started by March at the latest! You?


Hi ladies, I am on the opposite side of the egg spectrum but I am not without my own issues. After 6 BFNs through the IVF process I final made the trek from California to Chicago to see Dr KK. As she will explain one of the critical items to address is blood flow to the ovaries and the uterus. Some suggestions are to eat naturally blood thinning foods like olive oil, honey, etc. Do exercises that increase blood flow to the pelvic floor. You can find various yoga poses on the intranet. Drink a lot of water! And as Ash13 said acupuncture is a good suggestion, too. Much baby dust wishes to you both. I am so sorry this board is having these issues. Otherwise you would both know there is a March 2014 group that is just getting started you could join for support. Look through my post and you will find it if you are interested.