How to prevent miscarriage?


Hi friends! I’ve spent so much time going over several ivf trials and recovering after them. Then a few years trying to find a good surrogate on different forums and via facebook who as a result only let me down after I had spent money and precious time. Now I found a clinic and it’s much safer and easier to cope with everything as it takes all arrangements on itself, supplies medical support and constant consultations if needed. My dh and I are quite satisfied with the services so far. The only thing I’m still a bit afraid of is that something can go wrong as our surrogate has been pregnant for only 3 wks and the m/c can happen. What can I do to overcome about 2 more months of such unstable period and make her feel better and don’t be so stressed and nervous myself. Thanks God the doctors are doing their best to take control of her health. I wish I could do something too to enhance the situation. If someone knows how I can do that, please share.


As you I’ve been trying to find a good surrogate via Internet. we read tons of information, contacted lots of clinics. We tried to estimate different aspects and services of each clinic and came finally came to consideration. We decided to take a gamble. we went abroad to a country which I believed is not so popular for doing surrogacy. It was Ukraine. We had our first consultation and were surprised with everything we heard and sw there. Of course, I’ve read everything on their web-site before coming but it was nothing in comparison with the initial consultation. At clinic we got a full information about each step of our treatment. We got to know that all surrogates are healthy, underwent a set of medical examinations… before first visit we were told to take all needed documents such as passports, marriage certificate(it is important to have it duly apostilled at the place you registered your marriage) and medical history which could help to understand your problem. oh, nearly forgot to mention, a set of required test results should be with you as well.