HPTs before Beta?


I’ve noticed in reading this forum - that a lot of people are against HPTs prior to betas. I am curious as to why? With my first cycle, I was fortunate to become pregnant (2006). I simply did a urine test at my doctor’s clinic and that was that. Now that I’m into another fresh transfer - and am doing more reading online - I see that there is a debate over this. I realize that the beta is an important number (and I do plan on getting it done) however why not do a HPT a day before beta? Just curious!


I think it’s a sanity-saver more than people really being opposed to it.

HPT’s are getting better all the time, but are a log way from perfect, and the chances of a false negative on an HPT are pretty high. A BFN can be so crushing, real or not, and this roller-coaster is rough enough without adding one more big loop of a potentially false negative. So for some people it’s just easier on the emotions to wait for the more concrete, definite numbers of a beta.

That was my original plan, but I caved and tested with an HPT. The first line was so faint that I thought I was just wishing for it to be there. Then my head started running through all the scenarios – is it so light because this is just a chemical preganacy … is it just an evaporation line … is it leftover trigger … etc. etc. etc. All craziness I could have avoided if I’d waited for a firm, quantified test result. Just my thoughts … I’m sure everyone has a different opinion about when and whether to test – and why.