HSG and insurance


I just found out that BlueCross doesn’t cover HSG tests, which is the test to check for fallopian tube blockage. I’m being sent by a RE to a radiology lab to have this done so I think it would be covered because it’s not being done at a fertility clinic. Looks like I was wrong. If anyone has had this test, was it covered by your insurance?


i just saw this post…i had mine done a few months ago. it’s surprising to me the blue cross won’t cover this. my health insurance is some crappy one based out of ohio b/c that’s where my company is headquarted at (i live in nj) that no dr in nj has even heard of my insurance, and they still covered the test. they said it was b/c it was considered a test/proceedure to diagnose. (my insurance company will cover anything to diagnose the problem, but not treat it. so any sort of iui or ivf etc i have to pay out of pocket!!!).