HSG during IUI cycle


I just wanted to get everyone’s opionion on this…

My DH & I have already gone through an unsuccessful IVF cycle. Everything on my end has checked out ok so far but he was diagnosed with NOA. We have since proceeded with DS and had our first IUI last month that ended in a BFN. I’m on CD5 getting ready for IUI #2 and I asked my RE what he thought about me having a hysterosalpingogram just to make sure I didn’t have any blockages. Our IUI cycles are a little pricey since we need to purchase 2 vials of DS each cycle. I had a HSG done about 10 years ago and it was normal. I hate to go through it again if it’s really not necessary. Has anyone had this procedure during an IUI cycle? How necessary do you think it is if everything so far has checked out ok? Any thoughts?


Hi there, Just thought I would chime in. I am in a very similiar boat to you, also using ds and doing iui.

Last time I did one iui- bfn, then I did hsg to rule out anything and got pregnant on iui 2. I was told that the hsg would increase my chances of pregnancy for several cycles afterwards.

I would probably say go for it just to rule out a problem given how expensive it all is and with the added bonus of increasing your odds.

Good luck!! :flower:


I have also heard that HSG with increase your chances of pregnancy for 3 months after the test. I had mine done last month and did my first IUI this month so just waiting for our :bfp: . I would do it just to rule it out, since you are paying out of pocket. Good luck!!:bsv: :bsv: :babydust:



ABSOLUTELY have the HSG done 1st. That was all it took for me to get pregnant. And the RE told me the results were normal so I never in a million years expected it to make a diff. But it did - I’m 27wks now. Even if you have no blockage, the HSG “clears out the cobwebs” as my RE put it. DO IT!!!


Thanks for all the input! Thanks to all your advice, I’m scheduled to go in on Friday for the HSG. I just remember how painful it was when I had it 10 yrs ago so not looking forward to it again. I guess nothing about this whole IF process is fun so what’s 1 more thing right? :slight_smile:


Take some Advil beforehand and remember to breathe throughout. It isn’t comfortable, but it is quick–the more relaxed you are the easier it will be.