HSG nightmare


I had my hsg on Tuesday, I am feeling extreme nausea, major headache, tired, and very crampy. I feel like I have the flu and can do nothing buy sleep. Is this just my body fighting the iodine?


Could it be a possible infection?


Sounds to me like you’re just plain old sick. The dye should have absorbed by now.


I hope im just sick, I don’t have a fever tho. Idk. I never get sick like this. I still feel extremely cramped down there tho. And really weak. Maybe I should take a pain pill.


Sounds like your getting sick. Take a pain pill if its still bugging you and consult your physician if your concerned.


Hi cubanlucille, I hope you are feeling better? Give us an update. That doesn’t sound normal for post-HSG. Maybe you were just getting sick at the same time, but I would think you’d have a fever. Let us know!


I’d definitely call your doc just to be safe! Hope you feel better soon!


Ok, I just read that a small number of HSG’s result in infection, so I definitely urge you to call your doc. Please give us an update when you can!


Hey :slight_smile: u called the doc and because I didn’t have a fever there was no worry, I’m feeling normal now :slight_smile: I think my kidneys were a little irritated, I drank a billion cups of water, n detox tea n waalaa! All better!


That’s great news!


Glad to hear!