HSG Tube Check Scheduled


Just wondering what peoples experiences were with this test? I have never had one and am scheduled for next week.
Any insight is appreciated!


I have heard horror stories from others. Mine was a breeze. I remember after the procedure thinking how easy it was. Good Luck!!


Mine was also a breeze. Was prescribed 800mg of Motrin and also took antibiotic for four days afterward.


Super simple. We did this prior to any fertility treatment and it was painless, I thought. Good luck!


I had one the beginning of last year and it was the worst 30 seconds of pain I had in a long time. Now I wasn’t given any pain killers beforehand - so I am sure that would have taken the edge off. I have a friend who got pregnant a couple of months after she had hers. It seemed to clear our her tubes in a way. Good luck!


Mine was very painful and that too after my doctor gave me a psychological comfort that HSG may clear up tubes giving me a better chance at pregnancy. It’s been a year and a half and am still struggling. Anyway, my doctor gave me Valium 1 hr before the procedure and an anesthesia shot in the cervix. None of that made my experience any better but I heard from other women that it works.


I’ve had 3 (since starting treatment in 2008). I honestly don’t remember much about the first two even though the second was in early 2011. They were very easy. I had no pain or discomfort at all. I had my last one on 8/1 and the procedure itself was fine. No pain and it was very quick. That night however I had horrible cramps and ran a fever the whole evening and most of the night. My fever finally broke around 3 am (the HSG was at 2 pm). The cramps had diminished by the next morning but didn’t completely go away until a few days later. I’m not sure if it was the HSG or if something else was going on with me since I didn’t experience anything like that the first two time.

Good luck!


Thank you everyone for your insight! That helps me know somewhat of what to expect. Praying this will increase our chances!