Hydrosalpinx not sure what to do


I had an HSG last week and the doctor stated that I have hydrosalpinges…aka…both of my tubes are blocked and swollen and covered with scar tissue. The dr. said that my best bet was to removed my tubes and undergo IVF. He said that leaving them in made IVF half as successful. Has anyone had success with IVF after having their tubes removed? I talked to an OBGYN who suggested I leave the tubes in and have them surgically opened, but the RE stated this could lead to miscarriage from toxic fluid. I am so confused…please help!!


[SIZE=4]Ok i got your point.
Why do you want to leave them in there ?

It will be better to remove them so that the coming pregnancy chances will be much better and successful


Hyrdo: I was told the same thing from my doctor. Instead of removing my tubes, I am having them blocked by a new form of birth control called Adiana, tomorrow. It’s a silicon insert the size of a piece of rice that is inserted, then over the course of 3 months scar tissue forms and blocks the tubes. It’s a non surgical way to block them. Good luck with your decision!!


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I was told on 1/7/11 that I have hydrosalpinx in my right tube, they couldn’t get the dye to go through my left tube. Sorry I don’t have advice since I am new to this, but I would like to say thank you for sharing your experience. I’m really wanting to know more, but waiting for doc to call me.


I dont have a sucess story since I had surgery to repair my tubes but my fertility clinic will not even proceed with invitro unless both of your tubes are removed. They state its half as effective and puts you at a high risk for other health problems if they leave them in. What I dont understand though, I’ve posted recently and had no response about surgery on correcting fallopian tubes, it seems like everyone is just moving to IVF. I live in Oklahoma and you have to pay 15,000 up front before they will even start the process. And I have good insurance which in OK it doesnt cover in-vitro. How does everyone afford this? And a lot of people have to try more than once. Is IVF just done now instead of repairing the fallopian tubes nowadays ? Good luck to you! Sorry I couldnt give you a sucess story. Hope everything works out for you.


Hi Hydro,

I had blocked tubes that were twisted and clubbed. I had them out in 2009 with a laparoscopy. Our First IVF in May 2010 was unsuccessful but we are busy with an upcoming FET for 1/21/11.
The reason that most REs want to remove fallopian tubes is that a substance called TNF or Tumor Necrosing Factor builds up in the tubes and drains back into the uterus as it has no where to go. The TNF fluid is toxic to embryos and studies have shown that women with untreated hydrosalpinges have a very much lower success rate.
However, there are procedures out there that can open the fallopian tubes through microsurgery. It is possible. If you cannot afford IVF at the moment, I would consider the surgery instead as it is successful. You should consult a surgeon who specializes in such a field. If you have your tubes removed, you will have no choice but to do IVF if you ever want children. I would have liked to have my tubes opened, but they were so badly damaged from endometriosis and adhesions and twisted they would have never functioned correctly. I would definitely look at all the options before having your tubes removed because that will paint you into a corner. Good luck


Hi I have the same problem, both tubes blocked, so sad, but just have to try to get on with trying to get pregnant. My first option is tubal surgery, having it done next month. The Dr is going to try his best to unblock & repair both tubes. He is going to try to preform the surgery laporscopically (key hole) although if my tubes are badly destroyed with adhesions etc, he may have to preform a laparotomy (large cut across my abdomen). The op has only a 25% success rate plus I may have an ectopic pregnancy, a chance I am willing to take.
My second option is, no surgery. The Dr removes my damaged tubes & I proceed with IVF, which the Dr said at my age I have a 34% chance of getting pregnant.
So I have decided to try the op first & if the op fails, i will try with IVF. I want to try to concieve naturally first, at least try, I can’t just give up on my tubes just like that!!