Hypoglycemia Diet?


Is anyone on a diet for hypoglycemia??

My MD made me see a dietician who put me, basically, on a diabetic diet. She told me basically I need to start eating (since on a daily basis, I don’t usually eat that much). It’s really hard with my job to sit down and eat since I’m a nurse and always on the go so she gave me this plan to eat while at work…

12noon (wake up) - half bagel with cream cheese

3p - snack = hand full trail mix

5p - PB&J

7p - snack = hand full trail mix

9p - PB&J

1230am - Banana

1am - sleep

I followed this for almost a week.

I then talked to one of the doctors I’m close with while at work and she told me she didnt know why the dietician gave me this diet cause it’s going to be make me blow up and it’s way too many carbs. I trust this doctor fully so now I’m doing my own thing with this diet. I go back to see the diet lady next thursday for a f/u.

Why kind of plan did they put you on?? Is this chick just giving some crazy diet to set me up to fail??