Does anyone else have pan hypopituitarism NOT from a tumor? I would LOVE to swap notes!


Unfortunately, mine is from a tumor. Went in today and they said, wow, your estrogen is actually lower than it was before! :frowning:


similar condition w/o tumor

Yalen- I have hyperprolactinemia, which I think is similar to hypopituitarism. My pituitary glad procudes too much prolactin, which effects my cycles, ect. I don’t have a tumor even though a tumor is usually the cause of hyperprolactinemia. My doctor put me on meds in December to stabalize the prolactin. By April, my prolactin was normal so I could start IUI. What have you been told about not having a tumor, ect?



I am the same one. In the start sorry for my english. I have panhypopitutarism and we want to have a baby.
If you want to chat I prefer email. Let me know.:flower:


Hypopituitarism (no tumour)

Hello Yalen,

I am new to this forum.
I saw your thread and thought here’s a person who knows what i am going through. I would like to get in contact with you to discuss our hypopituitarism and also fertility treatments.

A little history about me - i have hypothyroidism, i take medication for my adrenal glands and i usually take the pill as HRT to replace Estragon and progesterone.

After my 1st IVF treatment i had to have a hysteroscopy done and d&c. The biopsy was normal and only small adhesions were taken out.

My 1st and 2nd Frozen embryo cycle failed. We didn’t even make it to transfer. During the 1st FET cycle I had to have estragon patches with Viagra 50mg (orally). During the 2nd cycle I went for acupuncture sessions, i was taking exstragon tablets, viagra tablets (orally) 50mg and asprin 75mg. My lining was around 4mm even on day 21 of taking the medicines.

I am not taking growth hormone now but have heard some adults still take it. I did have GHD (growth hormone deficiency) as a child too, so am wondering could this be the missing link?..

We are really at a loss and have been trying for a baby for 4 years now. It’s really frustrating. As each time we embarked on a treatment there was something that came in our way a new problem to face. :af:

I am sorry if i have either put you to sleep or haven’t been able to answer any of your questions. But if you would like to ask me anything - you can. I will gladly be of help. I wish you and everyone else on this thread good luck. :grouphug:


yalen - one more question for you. how did you get all your history up at the bottom of your message? Would love to know. Thanks.


I have been searching all over trying to find information on fertility treatments for congenital panhypopituitarism. Like you, most the information I came up with was regarding secondary, which I’m not sure completely would apply.

I’m 27, and was diagnosed at age 3, with no specific reason - just congenital. I do not menstruate at all without medication (was nice until I was 21!), but they’ve put me on oral contraceptive just to give me the hormones for bone density, vaginal health, etc. I’m getting married next May, and because of the circumstances, my 24-y-o fiance and I have decided we will start trying right after. My endocrinologist has a recommendation for a reproductive endo, and I’m going to get the ball rolling to see the RE at my endo appointment next month as he confirmed my suspicion that I should do so well in advance of starting the “trying” process. I’m a very “research, research, research” kinda girl, so I’m trying to find out what to expect ahead of time. Any info y’all could give me would be much appreciated. :wink:

IFalphabet - I also have hyperprolactinemia. Sorry to hear you are dealing with that too, but it’s kinda relieving to see you’re not alone - it really can make you feel like a freak! I didn’t have issues for quite sometime, but it started when I was about 23. I only have the symptoms during my BC-cycle-induced period, but man is it uncomfortable! We tried Cabergoline, but the side effects (even at extremely low dosages) were too severe, and my blood pressure dropped to an extremely unhealthy low level, so I just deal with it every 3 months when I cycle off the BC pills.

Hope - I have read one study that said there may be a helpful link to beginning HGH therapy several months prior to fertility treatments, but I believe it is still not tested enough to be sure. I can however speak from experience on the overall effects of HGH. I was taken off after my growth ended in my teens. I went back on at 21. It took a long time - 5 years - to get a dosage and brand that brought my levels all the way up to normal. When the levels even started to get closer to normal though, I could certainly notice huge differences. My muscle mass improved, my energy level improved, and my overall feeling of well-being improved. There are many other less-detectable areas (brain, heart, etc.) that researchers think might be affected as well, but there isn’t enough research to say conclusively. However, as I’m sure you know - HGH is still very, very expensive, and yes, there’s the needle thing. The needles have improved greatly from the longer needles of my childhood - really very small now - but when I was a child they only recommended shooting 3x/week, now it’s every day for optimum results. The mixing has gotten much easier - now they have nifty lil pen-devices that are a breeze to mix/dial the dose. Back to the cost: it’s well over $3k/month pre-insurance for me (I do take a relatively large dose). I’m lucky to have fantastic insurance (I hope it’s as good for fertility treatment!), so I pay 10%, and hit my yearly out-of-pocket max of $3,250 just over halfway through the year, then they pick it all up. If you’re insurance is good or you are already hitting you out-of-pocket cap each year, I highly recommend trying the HGH. Keep in mind it may take many months before you have a noticeable difference. For me, the difference in quality of life is just huge; I’d hafta take the cost into more consideration if it weren’t for insurance, though. Hope this helps you at all, if not for the baby-making…


Hi Everyone,

Isn’t it so frustrating to find information on fertility which is specific to Panyhypopituitarism. file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/tsehmi/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png;)

Mnemosyne - Thank you for your reply. It’s such a relief to be able to communicate with someone who has Panhypopituitarism.

I would like to to give you an insight on the medication i was taking during my fertility treatment, but i am affraid over the four years i have been on a variety of cocktail medications! lol I have requested a copy of my medical file and as soon as i have it i shall reply to you with some details. However i can say that i had four cycles of follicle monitoring where they gave me FSH, LH hormones and a shot of HCG and we TTC. But it didn’t work for me and i was a very slow responder probably as i have GHD and was not on any replacement. IVF - i was on menopur for a very long time 28 long day (mine was very long in particular), again i think they used a Luveris and HCG to trigger release of the eggs from the follicles 24 hours i think prior to egg collection. That was a year ago! Usually you have to have E2 blood tests and a few transvaginal scans to check whether you are producing follicles and to check your uterine lining etc.

Thank you for letting me know about your exoperiences of HGH. :thankyou:I found out that HGH helps ovulation induction alot during IVF. I have even seen a case study where a woman who was a porr responder to ovulation induction and has hypopituitarism became pregnant once she took HGH before the treatment and during the treatment. Have a look at this link which mentioned HGH may improve outcome with patients who have multiple IVF failures Growth Hormone Co-stimulation May Improve Outcome in Patients with Multiple IVF Failures | IVF NEWS.Direct! . I like you like to do my research. I guess we have to when there is such little information specifically about endocrinology and fertility.

I think i will ask about HGH when i go for my next appt at endocrine clinic. I am 37 years old now and the last time i took HGH was when i was 18. If it can improve the effects of fertility and bone denisity then i would like to go on it. When you went back on Growth Hormone did you get any side effects? You say it took 5 years for you to get to normal levels. Does it always take this long or would you say it depends on the individual? I am hoping that if i go back on to HGH they find the right dosage pretty quick as i am getting older by the day and i really want to have a baby. :pray:

IFalphabet - I am sorry to hear you have hyperprolactinemia. Currently I don’t know whether i have hyperprolactinemia, although i have had raised prolactin levels in the past. I have not taken anything for it. My endocrinologist said my prolactin levels may increase with too much stress.

So for me Yoga has really helped to relax and to feel better generally. I am sorry i can’t be of more help to you. But i hope it works out for you. :cross:

Good luck all. :grouphug:



For so long I read all these forums and never write on them because I feel like I’m the only one with panhypopituitarism. I am only 23 years old and I’ve been ttc for awhile now. I feel like Ive lost hope. Right now I’m in my 2ww and this will be my last cycle for awhile because my work is changing our healthcRe and I will be losing my fertility benefits. I’m praying:pray: That I will get a bfp next week.


Hello Waitingformyblesssing please don’t feel like you are the only one with panhypopituitarism or that you are the only one going through this. I am pretty sure we all feel the same. So even if you don’t know what to write sometimes writing something feels like atleast there is someone there to listen. A problem shared is a problem halved.

And please don’t ever give up hope. I know sometimes those around us are getting pregnant, family and friends a like and it seems so simple for them. But i am sure that one day we will get pregnant and when it happens the time will be right and it will definatly be worth it. I am a very slow responder my Dr says i should opt for surrogacy but i am not going to give up so easily.

Anyway I hope that things work out for you and for all of you on this thread. Am sending you some :cheer:and :grouphug:
Good luck. xx


I’m new to this forum…found it while I was researching infertility and hypopituitarism. Mine is from a tumor when I was 11, and I’m 28 now, so I’ve never been through any sort of natural puberty.

I got married last year, and my husband and I started the research process well before our wedding. I think I started seeing my RE 6 months before the wedding, but there wasn’t much she could do, since we weren’t ready to start yet. Obviously, each person is different, but if I’d known how long it would take me to get to the point of starting injectables, I would have done so well before the wedding. I had to be on estrogen patches for 9 months before my uterine lining was even close to the thickness it should be. My RE couldn’t even find my ovaries on my first ultrasound. But this was because I’d never been through puberty at all.

My RE told me right off the bat that there were conflicting studies about the use of HGH in infertility patients. follicle growth. And the impact was very quick, too. I’d done research on the subject, too, and found a few studies that said growth hormone increased follicle growth in mice, rats, and rabbits. As for me, I was on HGH until 18, then stopped, and went back on at 23 for 3 years or so. It started giving me migraines, so my endocrinologist had me stop. I started my first cycle of injectables on July 24th. Normal cycle is 10-14 days long, but I was on it for 20 days when my RE decided to add HGH to the mix. The injectables (Menapur 150 units) were working, but really slowly. My ovaries were growing, blah blah blah, but I still had no follicles. So I started HGH and by my next appointment, 4 days later, I had developed 4 measurable follicles and a bunch of tiny ones. 4 days later, I went back to my RE and she found out that I had 12 follicles that were measurable and would probably continue growing. She talked to me about canceling the cycle, since it would be too dangerous to proceed with that many follicles. We agreed that I would cut my injectables dose in half, and I would stop the HGH. Unfortunately, that was a bad move, because 4 days later, most of the follicles had stopped growing or had shrunk. I had to cancel the cycle anyways, and I was devastated. I had accepted the fact that the treatments might not work…but not that they would start to work, and then stop working. I’m back on birth control pills so I can have a period and start my next injectables cycle mid-September. Next time, we are going to be a lot more careful about the HGH, because for me, it had a huge impact on


:welcome:Mayfairwind. I hope that each of us take something away from this forum. I know i have started to learn quite a bit from this thread.

Mayfairwind - i am so sorry to hear that your injectible cycle was canceled. But please don’t give up hope. It take a few cycles for the RE’s to figure out the right dosage.

I was injectibles too for four cycles. One cycle was cancelled as i had about 20 follicles at the time I was on some very high dose of Menopur. So they had to cancel the cycle :frowning: They did finally get my dosage right but then my lining wasn’t thick enough so had to try IVF.

Regarding HGH - My RE never once mentioned HGH. Even though i advised her about taking HGH as a child. I like you was diagnosed very early. I was 10 and like you have never been through any sort of puberty i am now 37.

You mention that your RE had put you on patches for 9 months to get your uterine lining at the right thickness. Is this because your lining was too thin?
The reason i ask this question is because the majority of the time my uterine lining was thin during my treatment. I have three embryos frozen currently, but because my lining hasn’t got thick the RE will not do the embryo transfer. I think the ideal thickness is 8mm.

During the first ET they put me on Estragon patches but only for 21 days after which they said the patches were not working and cancelled my cycle. I was also taking Viagra that time.
During the second ET cycle i took Viagra orally (as they don’t do suppositories in UK), Asprin and Estragon tablets (as they don’t do suppositories in UK) which they increased each week up to the highest dosage. After 21 days they cancelled that cycle too. The RE suggested surrogacy in my previous review prior to my second ET cycle. I feel helpless!

You mention you are back on contraceptive pills so that you can have a period and start your new injectible cycle. I remember that in between cycles i was not on the Contraceptice Pill. I had to ask my RE to contact my Endocrinologist and confirm this. I was off the contraceptive pill for 6 whole months! And since then everytime i am off treatment i go back on my contraceptive pill. Who knows maybe this is why my lining is so thin, but i dont know.

I do think though that my thin uterine lining has something to do with an imbalance of hormones, lack of Growth Hormone and IGF-1 or not taking estragon for long enough.

I have my review with the Fertility RE on 14th Sept. I would like to ask him quesdtions and suggest things maybe one thing i could suggest is trying patches for longer.

It seems your RE knows a lot more about Hypopituitary patients. Please could you tell me who your RE is and at which Hospital/Institute they are based. I may need a few more opinions regarding my treatment.

Thank you in advance.

Good luck with your new injectible cycle and let us know how it goes. I will keep my fingers :cross: for you.


Hi Hope,
Thank you for the encouragement.

Yes, my RE put me on estradiol patches for 9 months because my lining was very, very thin. She wanted my lining to get “nice and puffy” (her words) so that any eventual eggs would have someplace to rest on. She seemed to think that was a crucial part of the process. I was on Vivelle dot patch, at 0.1 mg/patch. However, she would change my dosage anywhere from 1-3 patches, every other day. I had never had that much estrogen in my body before. I was getting a steady low dose of estrogen from my birth control pills, which my endocrinologist uses to give me periods.

I’m not positive why my RE needed me to have a period before starting a new cycle. I THINK it is so that the uterine lining will thicken again. I was concerned that everything I had done in the past several months would be wasted, but she seems confident that my body (ie, uterine lining) will not just revert to its original state of very thin lining.

My RE is really fantastic. She is known in San Diego for being creative with treatments. She has had one or two other hypopituitarism patients before me, so she has been keeping very up-to-date on issues that are specific to those patients. I know she has attended conferences on HGH at UCLA. Her name is Dr. Lori Arnold, and she has her own practice called the California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM California Center for Reproductive Medicine) It is a little north of San Diego, California.

My treatment plan does not currently involve IVF. My RE seems hopeful that since it has been proven that the injections do work, I will only need to take the injections and trigger, and then she thinks my husband and I can have regular intercourse. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try IUI. IVF will remain the third resort, since it is more complicated (and expensive)

If nothing else, I’m glad to know that there are others in my situation. I have two friends who have gone through IVF, but the hypopituitarism makes it a lot harder.


Thank you

Hi Mayfairwind,

Thank you for your reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am glad your Re has considered priming your lining with Estragon for 9 months before putting you on injectibles.

You say you have been on estragon patches for nine months. During this time were you off the contraceptive pill? And did you have any other medicine or did you just use Estragon patches? Did you start the pill after you came off the patches? Also did you have and blood tests or any scans during this time to check the thickness of the lining if so how often? I would like to know so that my RE could consider doing something similar with me.

In my case the injectibles worked well but i had to be on a very high dosage from what i remember, and my lining was thin. So I am assuming the reason why DH and I never conceived was because my lining was too thin?!

I am surpised that my RE never thought of priming my lining this way prior to the treatments. We tried IVF because that is what we were recommended and because my lining was thin with injectibles on most cycles. My RE thought i may react better with IVF. Only i still had the same issue with the thin lining. Which is why they could not proceed with the embryo transfer.

As i live in London all my treatment till now was government funded (NHS). But now i will go private. I hope that the most senior consultant (Dr Trew) whom i have never met before and will be seeing next week will be able to come up with a protocal specifically for me and my hypopituitarism. I will print out this thread to show him as well.

Thanks for your RE’s details perhaps my RE could contact her as she does seem to have some experience with patients like you and i with hypopituitarism.

Good luck with your next cycle.


Hi Hope4Love,
I continued my birth control pills during the 9 months of estrogen patches. My endocrinologist had switched me to a low-estrogen birth control pill about a year prior to my starting treatment with the RE. I had been getting migraines, and he hoped that a lower dose of estrogen would help. I stayed on those same low-estrogen birth control pills while on the estrogen patches. I mentioned the fact that the birth control pills were low-estrogen to my RE, but she didn’t seem to think that made a difference.
While I was on the patches, I didn’t take any other medication other than my usual hypopituitarism-related meds. I was not on growth hormone, either. During those months, I had blood tests and ultrasounds once a month. She ordered tests for estradiol, FSH, and LH. Then during the ultrasounds, she would measure the thickness of the lining.
When the lining was finally ready, the RE started me on injections of Menopur and took me off of both the estrogen patches and the birth control pills. I started at the regular dose, but she increased to a higher dose later and added the HGH.
I hope this helps! Good luck with your upcoming appointment. I will hopefully be starting my next cycle within the next 10 days, so I’m excited about that!


Hi Mayfair,

Thanks for letting me know about the details of your treatment. It’s nice to be able to compare notes sometimes and be able to learn from one another. It’s even better if we can help each other so that we can come up with ideas to discuss with our own RE’s since having Hypopituitarism is so specific to us.

I am dreading tomorrow’s appointment. Never know what the RE will suggest or say. I can only hope that he doesn’t suggest surrogacy. As far as i am concerned if my endometrial biopsy was normal then there shouldn’t be no reason for me not to be able to have an embryo transfer once the linning is thick. Again maybe they haven’t had me on Estragon long enough. So let’s see what happens. I shall keep you posted on here.

Regarding the estragon patches, whilst i was on the estragon patches i was not on the pill. And when i was off the treatment cyce was when i went back on the contreceptive pill. The pill i take has low estragon and progesterone i believe. Did your control pill have progesterone as well i wonder?

I really hope that the research i have done and your help on this forum will give the RE something to consider.

You start your next cycle in ten days. Wishing you the very best of luck. Sounds like your RE knows what she is doing and i am sure you will be BFP before you know it.

Thanks again for all your help. :wink:


Panhypopit here and happy to find you all!

Hi ladies,

I’ve been searching for panhypopit peeps and this is the first thread I have found! Hello! I apparently have a damaged stalk betw the pit and hypothal, and part of my pit is above where it really should be, due to a birth defect. I have low HGH but have never taken replacement as my parents are very tall and the docs were afraid! :slight_smile:

SO, now Im 42 and TTC (just didn’t meet my man, or decide I want kids, until later in life! :)). I have had the same problem getting my lining to thicken - although mine gets to 6.5mm. My RE recommended IVF due to my issue and age. My RE’s protocol with me:

  1. BCP’s for 3 months to grow my uterus from 2.5cm to the 6.5cm that it is now. (long story but my estro was low because I stopped taking BCP’s on my own at 37 to see if I could get a regular period as I did at 21. Pah! Didn’t happen!)

  2. He then did one month with straight estro and prog for the 4th month to see how my lining responded (also didnt want to supress my ovaries too much on BCP during uterus growth) and to have me have a normal cycle. My lining grew to 6.5mm but he said it did not react to the progesterone and get ‘fluffy’. He thought maybe the prog would give me the extra 1/2mm with fluffiness. He says he wants a min of 7mm. SO, had a period…

  3. He offered to increase estrogen and do another month of estro/prog to see if it gets my lining thicker OR to start follistim to see how my ovaries respond and to see if my own follicles produce enough estrogen to thicken my lining on their own. So, opted to start follistim. After 12 days I had a lining of 6mm (again!), 1 follicle at 20mm and 8 follies betw 9 and 11mm. So, instead of IVF, we had to do IUI. I did the HCG trigger shot on Sat night and an IUI on Monday AM. On Friday (9th) he started me on estrogen 2mg tabs 3x/day in hopes to push my lining to at least 7-8mm by the time the embryo implants. Ive been crampy, tired and bloated with ovarian twinges. Im just concerned about my lining being thick enough! I have an appt on Monday, the 19th, to check my lining then bw on the following monday to see if the iui worked!

I also have concerns about my RE as I dont think he has worked with a hyptopit person before. I actually had to ask him (on Friday) if I should take additional estrogen tabs to help get my lining thicker. I was relieved to see other hypopits mention lining issues as I didn’t know it had to do with my hypopit! My RE told me he cant give me the other fertility meds because they would take the same pathway, that is broken, of the hypothal-pit. So, it’s estro, prog and follistim. Did your RE’s tell you that?

I also read about HGH helping with fertility. The only research on hypopit people having babies was that we should stick to singletons (not twins due to uterine restiction issues during pregnancy) and that C-section was the rule. Have you guys heard anything about this? My RE says that my uterus will grow when we tell it to with more estrogen so not to worry if I end up with twins? The articles I read were from the 1990’s and nothing in the last 10 years. They also only studied 9 women.

Anyway, sorry for the loooong reply! I wish everyone the best of luck! I know we can do this and have healthy pregnancies. I have a friend who has hypopit and has 2 kids from IVF’s and then had a surprise right after her 2nd ivf - a ‘natural’ pregnancy! You will all be in my :pray: !



How did your appointment turn out? Any good news?
I haven’t started my next cycle yet because I never got a period. Don’t know why I didn’t, but my RE wants me to wait until next week, and then I’ll get bloodwork for estradiol and progesterone. They’re also checking for hcg levels, which is an indication of pregnancy, but only because I didn’t get a period. After the blood test, I guess she’ll have a plan for my next cycle. The birth control pills I am/have been on do have both estrogen and progesterone, but low amounts of both.
Futurelitl1 -
You said that your pituitary gland is damaged…does that mean it still makes some hormones on its own? Or is it essentially useless, like mine is? =) In my case, I don’t think I have much choice about whether I have multiples or not. My RE said that the likelihood is increased, as it usually is with fertility treatments. Regarding HGH, it is my understanding that there is VERY little research in humans on the link between fertility and HGH, but more proliferate research has been done on animals. I’m glad to hear that you know someone with hypopituitarism who has gotten pregnant. My RE has had success with 2 other hypopituitarism patients. From what I’m hearing from this thread, I’m lucky that she has experience with hypopituitarism at all.


Hi there mayfairwind and hope4love!

How is everyone doing in the fetility treatment world? I hope soon we all have BFP’s! I think one of you asked a question regarding my pituitary damage but I still cannot figure out this site so I cannot see who asked! Ugh! But, I think ‘some’ hormones still get through because I do not need cortisol replacement. I am only on synthroid 88mcg, which it seems a lot of people are on, even if they are not hypopituitary. According to the MRI, one portion of my pituitary is ‘ectopic’ and ‘superior’ to where it should be and it said there is stalk damage. BUT, I do also know that I do not get periods or ovulate unless they induce it. SO, I am typical hypopit in that sense. I am very low in my HGH and GF1, etc.

BUT, I know us panhypopit people can get preggers! I just think we need replacement meds and meds to tell our lining to thicken and our ovaries to grow follicles and ovulate so keep going!

As for me, My RE used follistim only on this last cycle and was hoping my lining would thicken with my own estrogen created by the follicles. It did but only to 6.08mm and I had 1 follicle at 20mm. So, he put me on estrace 2mg tabs, 3x/day to further induce lining growth and when I went in for an u/s 1 week later, my lining was 8mm! SO - have your RE’s use extra estrogen to help with lining issues. It seems to be a common problem with hypotpit people. He used an HCG trigger on me which drove my GI tract into chaos! UGH! I tested out the HCG trigger, which gave me very faint positive results until day 10, which was negative. Day 11 was negative as were days 12 and 13. BUT, yesterday I had a wave of nausea so I decided I would test this AM and here we are on day 14 post trigger (12 dpiui) and surprise! BFP! My bloodwork is on monday! I tested with 2 HPT’s and both positive (one digital and one regular) so I will keep testing to see if the line gets darker. Trying not to get overly excited until bloodwork but I think it is correct. :slight_smile: We will also hope my body can carry the pregnancy. So - keep the faith. I think we are less complicated than someone with ‘unexplained infertility’. We know what is wrong, we are mechanically ok, just with a bum hormone messaging system. we just have to oil up the parts and get them moving!! :slight_smile:

I really, really pray for all the girls going through this and hope we all get our BFP’s! I know you will!!! In time.

Good Luck!!



Hello Mayfairwind and Futurelitl1,

Thank you so much for posting. I am sorry i have been unable to post for a while. We had a death in the family last month and things have been very hectic in general with hospital appointments and work. So i apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

Futurelitl1 I hope that you are BFP please let us know. It’s interesting to know that your RE put you on Estragon patches while you were on follicle monitoring (follitism) cycle to increase the thickness of your lining.

Mayfairwind - i hope you too are BFP. Let us know the outcome of your bloodwork. :cross: Regarding the birth control pills i am also on a low estragon and progesterone combined pill.

Regarding my appointment. It didn’t go so well. :grr:Inititally he wanted to put me on IVF it wasn’t until i told him about my previous treatments that he realised i need FET not IVF! Not a good start! All the information and research i had done about Hypopituitarism and growth hormone was USA based. So my RE was dismissive of the fact that Growth Hormone could help with the lining. He also said that America are behind in fertility treatment (which i totally disagree with) and he even had the nerve to say that thats why estragon injections are not used in UK as they are no longer certified here! Even when i gave him your example Mayfair he was so not interested. He said he that Viagra tablets gives some people thinner lining as opposed to thicker linning. So he wants to try a cycle without the viagra just estragon patches. I even asked if we could have a longer protocol and he said that if i don’t respond to Estragon then it doesn’t matter how long i take it for. I didn’t like this RE very much he spoke so quickly and was quite insensitive. He said i should ring this number to book a private patient appointment. I guess all he is thinking about is ££££. You see the problem with UK fertility treatment or atleast from my experience of it so far is that they have very rigid protocols. Basically a short protocol and a long protocol (21 days) and that’s it. The treatment isn’t tailormade to your specific issues or problems. I mean they increase or decrease the medication but that’s it. They never think outside the box. I don’t know if it’s just Hammersmith Hospital or other fertility places as well.

So I also had an appt with my Endocrinologist. She is really good. She listened and she said she would look ionto my paperwork - i photocopied the reseacrh i did and gave it to her. She carried out all blood work including estragon, fsh, lh, HGH, IGF1, thyroid, Vit d etc. And i will go for a Hydrocortone day curve next week Thursday. She wants to make sure that from the endo side i am taking the right doses of medication. I told her about your protocols and said it looks like this is something Hypopatients are having trouble with the thin lining. I asked if she has seen cases like mine. She said without going through all patient records she couldn’t say. But she was still very nice and sympathetic towards what hubby and i are going through. She said all she can do is suggest to the fertility doctors (in the next building at Hammersmith Hospital) but cannot tell them what to do.

I also went to chinese herbalist this weekend i am paying £900 for 3 months course of accupuncture, herbs, and chinese massage. In the hope that my body will heal and recover. They think of the whole body as a working mechanism not just one part of your body. They said there won’t be any side effects. So lets see. I went there because my periods are not as regular as before (since my D&C they have gone all over the place!). And i know that my lining did get thick on two occassions when on Follicle monitoring cycles so i am sure my body just needs to time to recover and heal. I just feel really annoyed witht he RE’s as If they had tried estragon patches whilst i was on follicle monitoring then maybe i would have been BFP already!!!

Anyway for now i want a few months break to recover mentally and physically. But i will be going back in around three months. Hopefully then things may improve?

I wanted to ask a personal question as i am also thinking of coming to states for my treatment. How much are your treatments costing per cycle inclusive of scans bloods and medication? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

take care and good luck.