Hypothyroidism and Low AMH


Hey all. I’m new here, just hoping for some support and potential answers. I am 30 years old, have had hypothyroidism for over 10 years, and have been TTC only for 4 cycles, with no positive results. Luckily I have a gyn who is aggressive in testing for low ovarian reserve. I just got the call yesterday. She said i need to go to a ER immediately and that I’m lucky we caught this now and not in a couple years when the answer would have been that I have no more eggs left :frowning:

I am scheduled with a top ER Dr. Ina Cholst at NYC’s CRMI Practice and am hopeful about that.

My test results were taken on day 3 of my cycle and the results were:

LH - 9.5
FSH - 9.1
AMH - 1.1
Estradiol - 33.4
Estrogens Total - 91

Anyone with experience in this type of issue with encouraging words would be amazing.

Hoping everyone else is having luck!


Me too

I also have Hypo and DOR. I am on my third round of IVF but first at CCRM. CCRM just started treating me with synthroid because my previous doctor said I was borderline and didn’t treat me. I hope I didn’t lose 1.5 years on speed drive because of this. I have a lower AMH (.5) than you but also a lower FSH (4.5). I am so glad you went to the doctor after only 4 months. I went after 6 months and my husband thought I was overreaching. Obviously not. If things don’t work out with your selected RE, I would go straight to CCRM. They are amazing. Hopefully, they can do the impossible and get me a live baby. Best of luck to you.


Do you live near CCRM? I live in NYC so that would be a last resort for me…