Hysteroscopy and steriods before IVF transfer


I am ready for my third IVF transfer after a failed natural and a conventional cycle. My doctor is recommending a hysteroscopy to clean the uterus from inside and steroids+baby aspirin to suppress my immune system to make sure it is not overacting and rejecting embryo before implantation.

Can you please input your thoughts considering the side effects of both techniques and if anyone go through hysteroscopy or took immune system suppressant before IVF transfer and if you think it was
one of the reasons for your :bfp:.

Best wishes and good luck to all of those going through IVF on this forum.


I had a hysteroscopy because my saline sono showed possible scar tissue. However, when they got in there with the camera, my uterus looked great, so they didn’t do anything during the hysteroscopy.

I also was on dexamethasone and baby aspirin for transfer. Not sure if that’s the steroid your clinic is looking at using, but mine uses it for all transfers, I think.

I got a BFP. However, implantation is not a big issue for me (my problem was getting a good egg.)


I have used a steroid on all 4 of my cycles, either dexamethasone, or medrol. They will not hurt anything and are used to suppress the immune system. In fact SIRM clinics and others leave you on them for about 8-10 weeks.


sounds like your RE is doing the best he can do to get you pregnant. I had a hysteroscopy before my last cycle (after 2 chemicals). We found and removed a polyp. I am also usually on medrol before transfer, but I wish I would have been on a stronger/better one just in case it mightve helped. Good Luck.


Yes…I did a hysterocopy the month before I started my last cycle. I also did a full immune protocol. That cycle resulted in a BFP although I later miscarried. I also always use a steroid for my IVF cycles and I have had 3 out of 4 result in BFP’s…my issue is my old eggs…you should not have that problem. Good luck to you…it sounds as though your RE is on the ball.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I really appreciate that.
I am scared of side effect that both procedures can cause. I might decide to go for them.