Hysteroscopy before IVF?


I am going to a new RE and having a hysteroscopy this month (the month before I start meds). My doctor in IN did not do this, and I was wondering if any others had this procedure done prior to starting meds. Thanks!


Yes, it’s a common procedure. Not sure why you’re RE in the other state didn’t do it, but it’s more of a benefit to you than it’s not.

It is a more in depth way of looking at everything and checking for any abnormalities or issues that might affect the outcome of the cycle… i.e., polyps, fibroids, inflamed tissue, and so forth.

It’s a breeze, and once you’ve done it, you’ll feel better knowing there aren’t any “unknowns” that could hinder the outcome…

Good luck!!:flower:


Thanks for the reply. After speaking with this RE, I came to the same conclusion - wondering why my RE in Indiana didn’t do this (or even mention it). Hoping it helps me feel less nervous about this cycle!


Yes, I did not have one done before my first two IVF’s but after they were not successful we did one. Then a few cycles later we did another one. Good luck to you!


Yes ma’am had mine in 8/2011 conceived my twins in 9/2012!! I’m 28 weeks tomorrow and doing well. It DOES work!! Best of luck to you!! :slight_smile:


And before the appointment you can ask the doc about scratching the uterus. An endometrial scratch has been shown to give better success rates. Good luck!!!

Here’s the study:

Endometrial injury to overcome recurren… [Reprod Biomed Online. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI


I had two hysteroscopies to fix my blocked tubes and then had my first ivf in dec 2012. The ivf did not work :(( but I am now getting ready for my FET - transfer is tomorrow…:pray: :pray:

Good luck to u and don’t worry…


Agreeing with the rest of the ladies…I had one before my first IVF and they were able to remove polyps which have now not come back :). Good luck!


Thank you!

Thank you, everyone for the replies! I’ve been nervous, but feel better after reading your comments! I’m checking out the link on the endometrial biopsy/scratch. I think my doctor is planning on doing that, so that is just more confirmation that we’re hopefully with the right doctor!