Hysteroscopy & Estradiol


Was anyone prescribed estradiol after having a hysteroscopy to help build your lining? My lap/ hyst was done on cd6 and I started estradiol on cd7. I am wondering if those of you who took it went on to ovulate and have a normal cycle. What was your cycle experience while on the estradiol? Did it delay your ovulation, period?? Just wondering what to expect. I’ve been on 4mg since Thursday.


Estradiol is a standard protocol at my RE’s office for frozen embryo transfer cycles. I took it during all of my FET, 6 pills a day i am not sure what doses though i think it was 3 mg each pill. By day 10, my lining was optimal enough for transfer. I also took it after transfer and even had to add 2 more pills (vaginally) after i got my BFP to maintain thick lining.