Hysteroscopy how long before transfer?


So after my chemical last month my doctor wants to dilate my cervix since he had a little trouble getting the catheter in during my transfer and he also wants to do a hysteroscopy to take a good look at my lining to see what is causing my losses. I am now scheduled to have the hysteroscopy and dilation on the 20th. My nurse said I would then wait for the period after that to start birth control and do a regular FET schedule. So that means wait for period then two weeks of birth control and then 19 days until FET. My concern is that my cervix will not stay dilated that long. I have had two D&Cs before and several difficult transfers so I know my cervix doesn’t stay open long. I am tempted to push them to let me start birth control now and then have my FET sooner. I just wanted to hear from others who have had hysteroscopy. How long was your hysteroscopy before your transfer? And did you get a bfp?


The problem with doing it sooner is that after your hysteroscopy you are going to shed your lining. So it has to heal before embryos will attach to it. It’s recommended 4-6 weeks before FET. I spotted for a long time afterwards. I’m transferring 5 weeks after hysteroscopy.


5 weeks sounds reasonable. But it seems in my situation it will be about 8 weeks. This is by my estimate of course but based on when they have me scheduled I probably won’t get my period for another almost 3 weeks later then take birth control for 2 weeks and then transfer 3 weeks after that. So I will essentially have two periods between then and my transfer. I’m curious if my cervix will stay dilated that long. I left my nurse a message about my concern but I’ll see what she says.


I had a hysteroscopy before my FET and I’m now 12 weeks, 3 days. I had to wait for a period before I could start and followed the same protocol as you listed. Its best to do it that way. I hope yours works for you as well as it did for me.


Thanks 11:11. I just talked to my nurse and we are sticking with that plan so I pray that it works as well as it did for you. Congratulations to you. I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy.