Hysteroscopy & Mock Transfer


Hi All,

My RE is having me do a hysteroscopy & mock transfer before my IVF. Is this something you’ve had done? I had a lap/hysteroscopy back in August. That surgery was done by ob/gyn. My RE has the pictures & report from that procedure. I’m just curious if this is neccessary for me to have it done again?

Thank you!!


With the mock transfer, the RE can make a road map of how to navigate your cervix and put the catheter in the optimum location in your uterus to deliver your embabies. My RE explained that doing the mock transfer affords them the ability to cause less irritation to the cervix and disturb less of the lining during the actual transfer.

Good luck!


After my first IVF failure from a fresh transfer my RE switched things up and felt that for me I might be a better responder doing a FET and let my body heal after another fresh stim. ER was last week.

Anyhow, my RE is doing a hysterscopy and mock IVF at the same time which includes an endometrial biospy a few weeks prior to my transfer. I’ve heard many of good things about having an endometrial biopsy prior to a transfer. I’m told by my RE he does a mock IVF transfer for those doing FET. Seems common enough…maybe not doing all the time but not unusual. Are you having a FET with this?

Will your RE do an endometrial biopsy as well with the mock IVF transfer?

When you asked your RE why he wanted this done did he explain his rationale?


I don’t know that it is neccessary, but I think it is pretty common. My RE does not require it for everyone, it is on a case by case basis. He had me do a hysteroscopy after my first failed IVF, but we never did a mock transfer.

Good luck with your cycle!!!


I think it is absolutely necessary uless you want to risk a traumatic transfer or undiagnosed fibroids/polyps. Either of which can preven implantation.


Thanks girls. I definitely want to do whatever will increase my chances of pregnancy. I did have an endometrial biopsy done when I had my lap/hysteroscopy back in August. I just didn’t think I would need to have another hysteroscopy done so soon.


I had both. A polyp was discovered at the same time my RE was doing a mock-transfer and that led to me needing the hysteroscopy to remove the polyp. If he hadn’t removed it- it would have prevented implantation of the embryo. Sounds like your RE has good protocols. Wishing you the best of luck!


Just found out yesterday that RE wants to do a hysteroscopy before my frozen transfer in January as well. He has not in the past, but since I had a bad delivery of my little one, he wants to make sure there was no damage to my uterus.