Hysteroscopy....new here. :)


Hi Everyone, I am new here and looking for some information on your experiences. A little about me, I’m 40, DH is 44, we’ve been TTC for awhile and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. All my hormones are fine, as well as my husband’s SA. I had my HSG last month and they found a small, what they think is, a fibroid (it didn’t even show up on my ultrasound). I’m having a hysteroscopy next month (big fat BFN this month) which is delaying our hormone injections and IUI, which was disappointing. Has anyone had a similar situation? I could use some positive stories, as I’m feeling discouraged right now. Thanks!


I’m in the same boat. Had a hyterosonogram done and they think they saw a small polyp or fibroid. I dont meet with my RE again until March 14 and I havent been told what he decides to do. Do they normally always suggest to have it removed?


Yes ma’am! Unexplained for us too! Together almost 15 years w/no luck :frowning: Had hysteroscopy 8/2011, got PG w/ twins 9/2012!! It WILL work!! Best of luck to you!!! :wink: