Hysteroscopy w/o anesthesia?


Has anyone had a hysteroscopy w/o anesthesia? Due to some complicated circumstances with timing and insurance, my RE is recommending a hysteroscopy in his office w/o anesthesia to see if I have a small polyp (seen on a saline sonogram) and remove if it necessary. The nurse says they will numb my cervix for the procedure (with a shot!! - I presume so the camera can get in my uterus without it being toooo painful), but if there is a polyp they will remove it right then. My nurse says it will just feel like cramping. I’m not so sure…anyone out there have a polyp removed like this? She said they could give me a valium or something, but then I need to find a ride to the doctor…decisions, decisions.

Any advice or experience?


I had it done on Feb 14 and it was very very painful I had the polyp removed and right after got sick to my stomach threw up fainted and broke my ankle they told me they never experienced a patient get like that with that said don’t take it lightly and be very careful


I’ve had two. One with conscious sedation and one with nothing. I had a polyp removed under conscious sedation and I had cysts drained totally awake. The procedure was really bad totally awake but it was tolerable under conscious sedation.


Thanks Mrscouncil and Charybdis - that is what I was afraid of. My nurse said it would feel like cramping. I’m thinking cramping or CRAMPING? Everyone’s pain threshold is so different and I doubt she’s had the procedure done herself w/o anesthesia.

I do have the option to do it w/ anesthesia but I would either have to postpone stims a month and go on birth control pills to line my cycle up with when my RE could do it in his other office (my insurance will only cover it w/ anesthesia in one of his offices) OR go thru the stim cycle, freeze any embies, and do the hysteroscopy w/ anesthesia before the FET. The risk w/ this is my embies won’t make it to freeze and I won’t have the option to do a 3 day or 5 day fresh transfer.

I’m not going to postpone stims (b/c I’m not getting any younger!), so I just need to decide on a no anesthesia hysteroscopy now or freeze embies and anesthesia hysteroscopy later.

Any other experiences or opinions out there?


I have had more than one hysteroscopy without sedation or pain medication of any kind and it was no big deal at all…BUT, I didn’t have to have anything removed… Good luck, I hope that it goes well!


Ditto what she said. I hope all goes well for you whichever way you decide.

I did have one while under anesthesia as well but only because I had a laparoscopy at the same time too.


I had cervical polyps removed and it hurt like h$ll. my obgyn didn’t even tell me she was going to do it (because it was my annual checkup and i told her i have been having abnormal bleeding and she happened to see the polyp) so it kind of a good thing because i wasnt expecting to be ‘cut’ and so i was relax. When the doctor cut it it didn’t hurt but right after that, it felt like my bowel was being pushed against, my cervix felt like it shrunk, i had cramping in my uterus and diarrhea at the same time. I couldnt walk straight for the next few hours and I just curled in bed in pain for the rest of the day. That was just cervical polyp. I can’t imagine the pain after uterine polyp removal. So do it under sedation if you can.


Get the drugs!! They actually put be under general, but I had a fibroid removed. I woke up and had to pee really bad but NO pain and NO bleeding. No ana. side effects either. I didn’t want to be put under, my RE had to talk me into it…I’m really glad he did!!! :wink: Good luck!


Thanks for your input, ladies. One minute I think no way do I want to do it w/o anesthesia but then the next I think I should just suck it up and go for it so I can have more options for my embies. I’ve never done IVF so I have no idea of how many eggs I might produce or the quality. I got pregnant a year and a half ago on my second IUI, but a lot of things could have changed since then…I know my eggs didn’t get any younger. :grr:


I had two of these done un-sedated back in Sept of last year right before my first IVF cycle and I only remember being a little uncomfortable for a minute or two and some light cramping on my way home. Other than that it was totally fine. Now like the other few ladies, I did not have anything removed, just the hysteroscopy. I don’t know if this helps you but I wanted to share my experience with you. Good luck hun!


I go tomorrow to my RE for pre-op for a hysterscopic polypectomy. He said I need someone to drive me home but can return to work the next day.