I am 10dphcg trigger and 9dpiui


As of today…I am 10dphcg trigger and 9dpiui. I did a HPT this morn and it came out :bfn: I am sooo depressed and sad. I was so hopeful and had such good feelings that this was gonna be my :bfp: The question that I have is:
-Am I still to early to show a :bfp: ??
I would appreciate any input that you ladies have.


Check out the other posting under IUI’s that has 2ww tool by it! I think you should definitely take another test around 14dpo ovulation or trigger to see.

Sending you lots of :babydust: Hope that you get a :bfp:


Yes you could be just to early. A BFP all depends on when the embryo implants. If it hasn’t implanted yet or just did yes its to early. It can take 2-4 days from the day it implants to show in your urine.



Thank you, Suzanna and Missing!! I appreciate the info. Since you have given me some hope I’m going to continue to :pray: and hope the Lord gives me my :bfp: !!!