I am 2 days past retrieval and nervous with PGD results


As you can see in my siggy, i had 3 chemical
pregnancies from ICSI. I dont know if my DH and I can have a baby naturally anymore. Anyway we decided to do PGD with our last attempt, this cycle. I have been trying to accept the possibility that all could be abnormals but of course I am hoping at least one or two are normal. Today is day 2 after retrievals. I used a different protocol this time (and different clinic) with menopur and follistim. I had 18 eggs retrieved and 14 mature. The percentage of mature eggs this cycle is better than the previous cycles when I only used follistim only even though the number of eggs retrieved is less than last cycles. I want these to happen actually, more mature eggs. However the number of fertilized eggs is only 8, about 59% fertilization. Last cycles I had 70% fertilization. Anyway the fertilization rate may not even matter. I also have 6 embryos that I moved from my previous clinic (they were frozen right after fertilization) that were thawed yesterday and all survived the thaw and alive (thank you God). What matters now is good healthy chromosomally normal embryos. The lab will be culturing all 8 + 6 embryos to blast and biopsy all that make it to day 5 and send the cells to Reprogenetics for PGD.

I’m just worried about my PGD results. Can you send some prayers for me and my DH that at least one is normal? Thank you. The results will come in on Thursday.


I am praying for you. I have a good feeling that out of [U]all[/U] these eggs there will be some good ones. :cross:

Best of luck!


I will include you in my prayers.


Sending good vibes your way. You might also want to join the ER, PGD, FET board.


Wishing you the best with your testing! I hope they are all perfectly beautiful XY or XX embies!!


Thank you ladies.

PopsicleMTB i didnt know that group exist since i have always just been on this forum since i became a member. Thanks for letting me know i will check it out!


Best of luck to you and your DH. Praying for your little embies that there will be at least a few (hopefully several) that are normal!