I am back and Happy to announce..Im Pregnant!


Hey guys I wanted to wait until I received my BETA to make my online announcement that I’m pregnant :preg: My BETA numbers are really good beta is 141 and my Re said the typically like to see atleast 50!!! I am so excited but so grateful and thankful to God!

I really appreciate everyone for their support and will be praying for all other ladies to get their BFP soon!!!:woohoo:
:babydust: to all


141 is great!!! Congrats Kaydreambaby! :cheer:


Congrats!! Thats great!!!


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]Congratulations:clap: [/FONT][B][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]kaydreambaby[/FONT][/B][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]! I’m so happy & very excited for you! May you have a happy & healthy 9 month :preg: !![/FONT][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][/FONT]


Thanks so much guys I am so excited!!! Can’t wait to get my first ultrasound…


Congrats! When is your first ultrasound?




Charybdis…thanks so much and congrats to you as well 1st ultrasound is May 3!!

Webelievenmircles … i cant wait till your big day and I will keep you in my prayers!!


Yay. Been thinking about you…that’s great:clap:


Congratulations!! :clap: :cheer:


Congrats. That is great news. Good luck with your first ultra sound. I hope you have a wonderful, uneventful pregnancy.


Congratulations and happy 9 months plus delivery:)