I am bleeding :(


Hey guys~
I am just looking for some success stories. I was getting ready to do IVF #2 had my calendar from my clinic and was supposed to start BCP’s as soon as I started my period. Well I was late so I took a couple HPT’s and they were all positive. I just started cramping mildly and went in the bathroom and I am spotting…I would say 4 or 5 drops of bright red, then it turned to kind of a brownish discharge (sorry TMI) And its tapered off so now its only a tiny bit of brown when I wipe. I am totally freaking out!! I called my RE office and they sent orders to the lab for an HCG quant and progesterone blood level check. I did that about 15 minutes ago and they said the HCG should be completed today but the progesterone won’t be done until tomorrow. I am so so SCARED!! Anyone out there had a similar situation happen??


I don’t have a personal story but I have read many posts about bleeding in early pregnancy (from spotting to full flow) and everything turned out fine. It seems more common than you would think. :cross: for you!

Good luck!


I don’t have personal experience but I am an Emergency Department nurse and we have patients come in all the time bleeding with what we call “threatened abortion” which we just say to take it easy and not do anything strenuous and as long as your counts go up - it is quite normal to bleed a little to quite a bit during pregnancy. It happens - more then you know! Hang in there!


I just wanted to come and wish you luck that everything turns out for you hun! :grouphug::pray: for you!


Spotting is normal!! I know the fear you have! When I miscarried it was a gush of red blood that lasted over an hour and had clots. Brown blood is fine. I think you’re okay!! Good luck!! Sticky vibes!!’