I am newbie!


I feel like I’m posting on dating site but actually I am looking for some support. My husband and I have been trying to have children for several years now and this is our 2nd go around with fertility. The first time we stopped after taking clomid only as it was very emotionally taxing. My child bearing age ticker is slowing down so we had to make some moves. Now on our second attempt and just finished 1st round of meds and going in for an ultrasound Tuesday to determine timing for IUI. I’m nervous and scared and my husband is wonderful but he is cautiously optimistic and is not talking a lot about it as I don’t think he wants to get his hopes up.
So now that you have my life history, my concern is that while writing this I feel like I’m going to ovulate any moment and I am going to the doctor on Tuesday for an ultrasound to determine ovulation. My anxiety is kicking in here. I started my period on the 17th and started the meds on day 3, can I ovulate before then. Yikes!
Anyone have any advice or in a similar position?