I am on day 5 of meds


So it’s not the earth shattering miracle I was hoping for BUT it’s three more follicles than I ever had before and I am taking LESS Gonal-F. I think my program is working!!

:cross: There is one lead follie at 10mm and the other four are at 3mm. <<>> I am on day 5 of meds …:cross:

For those of you following my journey. The program appears to be working!!!

<<<< :cheer: grow follies grow!!! :cheer: >>>>


PS: If you read my sig file. Where it says 6 follies. Those were antril follicles that never got to baseline follie stage.


Congrats, skisunfun! Very happy for you! :clap::clap::clap:



Hi ladies,

skifun-just reading your posts so happy for you!!! I am glad your program is working for you!!

hopefulinny-i hope all is going well

wishing you all babydust! :babydust:

lyn nyc