I am sort of new at this


Hi everyone, I am sort of new at this. Im trying to find someone who may have experianced some of the same things that I had.
I am twenty three and I have one child already. My pregnancy was sort of rough. I had gest. diabeties, high blood presure, swelling, and some sort of odd rash. My husband and I wanted to start trying again about six months later, we wanted them close in age.
So at that time I have contd to gain weight and was diagnosed with pcos. I have no periods, We tried clomid for almost a year gaining up to the highest doseages possible. I have tried dieting which has become very difficult. I have been taking folic acid and I dont know if I should try to continue with the clomid again or if I should try the hormones. I really dont know what to do or if I will ever have more children,