I beat PCOS


Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my story that there is still hope even with PCOS…my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 long long long year’s I was diagnosed with pcos in October 2011 also found out I have low thyroid, insulin resistance and a heart shaped uterus to me it felt like all the odds were against me…my gyno put me on metformin and thyroid medications. The metformin kept me sick all the time so I made the personal decision to stop taking it…I started eating better and drinking more water and ended up loosing 30lbs but still no success in the baby department… before I moved out of state my gyno was thinking about starting comid but I never got the prescription before I moved…I did some online research and found a credible online pharmacy and I ordered Clomid to make a last shot in the dark attempt before considering IVF…I took the Clomid 50mg days 3-7 and I had it in my mind the hole time it wasn’t going to work since iv had so many disappointments in the past I took a pregnancy test the day my period was due and I got a negative I was upset but already accepted the fact the pills wouldn’t work for me so I got over it pretty quick…about a week later I still did not have my period yet which is not unusual since iv always had irregular periods so I decided to take another test for laughs and giggles I bought an 88 cent test from Walmart and it came out positive I ran to the living room shaking and nervous and showed my husband but I didn’t believe it…I immediately went to the store and got a clear blue digital 2 pack and both came back positive I was so excited and I went to a free pregnancy center and got a free ultrasound and there was my little bean…I’m not 14weeks pregnant and still havnt fully accepted this is really happening…I don’t think it will hit me til my belly is too big to see my toes…i hope the best for all everyone who is going thru the same struggle I went thru…I cried many times thinking I would never be a mother but it can happen…never give up hope!!! Baby dust to everyone:bsv:


Hun your story is so great! I am so happy for you!


[QUOTE=rach007]Hun your story is so great! I am so happy for you![/QUOTE]

Thanks its a very exciting experience…I was looking at all you been through on your post it looks like you finally got your positive today? If so CONGRATS!!!


Aww thanks yes i did get good news today! I am so happy :slight_smile: It feels like such a miracle


[QUOTE=rach007]Aww thanks yes i did get good news today! I am so happy :slight_smile: It feels like such a miracle[/QUOTE]

Will this be your first baby?:woohoo:


It will be my first :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=rach007]It will be my first :)[/QUOTE]

Aww that’s great…this will be my first too