I decided to put IVF off until after the Holidays


We decided to put IVF off until after the Holidays. I felt like it would just be too much on us right now. My next cycle starts the week before Christmas so we will be starting our IVF in the middle of January. I hope we made the right choice. I did go ahead and order my medicine and got it in today. I figured the next 2 cycles I will get all our blood work done and I have to have a culture for STDs too instead of rushing to get it all done it time and stressing out right here during the holidays. In a way I want to do it right now because I want a baby so bad but then I knew that I wanted to do it during a time that I could be more relaxed and not so stressed.


I think that sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: good luck to you and I hope you get your BFP soon!!!


You know, I am tossing around this idea too. It might be nice to enjoy the holiday without worrying that I am going to do something to mess everything up.


My clinic actually does not allow people to start IVF during the holiday time period. They had these cut offs where you either had to be at a certain point in the IVF or you could not do it until January/February depending on when your cycle began. It was kind of nice in a way because the decision on whether or not to do it right away was made for us (we ended up starting the very beginning of March).

Best of luck to you! I am :pray: that you get your BFP!!!


My clinic limits IVFs over the holidays too…they said “Why do it when it’s stressful for everyone.” I’m doing IUIs…I’m having one today, but then I’m off until January. If I did another cycle I would most likely have to be inseminated on Xmas Eve or Day! I’m actually looking forward to a little break.