I did my iui today


i did my iui today and my trigger of hcg on monday night. my dr wants me to do another hcg on saturday. ever heard of this and why?


Nope, never heard of such a thing. Did you call and ask?


I have heard of this but i can’t remember the reason this person had to do this. I scouted around on the internet and found this link and another that said essentially the same thing:


Sounds like it’s to help with progesterone levels. The only downside of doing this is that it makes for a longer span of time before you can safely POAS.


Yep, its called a booster trigger. Its to help with progesterone levels. Some RE’s do this and some don’t. Like said, the only thing is it will take longer for the trigger to go away for you to know if its a real BFP. Goodluck!


Yes I’ve heard of this. It is to build up progesterone levels that will help support implantation and pregnancy. It helps to thicken the lining. My Dr. has me starting progesterone suppositories instead. Not sure which is better or more preferred.