I don’t drink tons of wine but do enjoy it


Hi everyone,

I have a question…does wine affect egg quality? I don’t drink tons of wine but do enjoy it. I am 38, I had a mc after natural pregnancy, chemical pregnancy after natural pregnancy, and did ivf this fall and mc in nov…im currently going thru more tests to see if there is anything else going on such as clottng disorders, immune issues, etc. I want to do everything I can do and don’t want to ruin any attempts…im just tired of feeling guilty about everything I eat, drink, and do…I have food allerigie so have to already avoid gluten and dairy so its hard enough! My RE said no more than 4 drinks a week which is fine for me but is that too much? Arghh…so tired of this! I’ve had more to drink recently with holiday parties and because im just plain tired of dealing with this…so now im worried I’ve ruined my chances dor a future ivf in 2-3 months…what is everyones thoughts on this or your experiences with this? How long before the ivf do you avoid alcohol? I did not drink at all during the stimming. Ivf, or 2wwyour in the last cycle! Sorry if this post seems selfish or negative, just curious how everyone else feels this way…I will avoid alcohol all together to have a baby…but theres so much conflicting data about it? Thanks


Lori38, I’m so sorry you have been through such a ringer. I agree, it is so hard to know what to do and sometimes I think the restrictions can cause more stress and I SWEAR that is a HUGE factor in any type of conception, natural or not. I remember a Maya abdominal massage therapist telling me that one of her friends said it was too bad that couples couldn’t take the money for IVF and spend a year on vacation somewhere with no stresses and just each other, but you know with jobs, life and pure mechanical issues in the womb, that isn’t always feasible.

I will tell you that I abstained from drinking my first IVF which resulted in a BFP the moment I went to the IVF education course and they recommended it, which was a couple weeks before my actual IVF meds began. I stayed off everything considered “bad”, including my beloved caffeine and chocolate for pretty much the entire pregnancy. On my subsequent FET, I wasn’t issued any restrictions by the IVF doctor (perhaps because I wasnt focused on producing eggs). I drank caffeine in moderate amounts, definitely drank wine and did not follow all the restrictions that I had before (after all, I had toddler to chase after so I was lifting and exerting myself all over the place). First thought I had ruined it by having a very low positive on first blood test, but 9 months later, I had a very beautiful and healthy baby girl. So, I’m not sure what advice to follow. I think staying off caffeine is critical for IVF, they know caffeine impacts fertility so if you are trying to produce lots of eggs, it makes sense to stay off it or at least keep it to the bare minimum or healthier green tea. I would probably stay off wine too if I was doing another IVF, but that wasn’t hard for me and didn’t stress me out. I honestly believe that you have to be in as relaxed state of mind as you possibly can when going through IVF. I have friends that really had difficulty with meds and I think that impacted outcome. I knew meds would mess with me so I just took a deep yoga breath and rolled with it so it wasn’t making me so stressed that I needed chocolate or a glass of wine.

But honestly, I don’t really know how to answer. My RE was very specific about IVF restrictions and others are not and my high risk maternal fetal specialist who helped us with the loss of twin during first pregnancy didn’t seem to think an occasional glass of wine makes a difference (and actually I had had none), and I don’t know if that impacts outcomes or not. I would almost say that if you avoided it first round, maybe you should just allow yourself a little the second round of IVF, to see if that is what you need to stay relaxed.

Not very helpful, am I? Hang in there and stay relaxed and as optimistic as possible (and this is coming from a very pessimistic person, just ask my husband about me during both of my cycles/pregnancies!!).


Hi Lori38,

Like you, I also enjoy my wine! I used to have a glass every night but stopped 3 months before starting stims. I only had a few drinks in a 3 month time period. I have read that alcohol affects egg quality as well as estrogen levels. My periods were always irregular and when I stopped drinking my periods returned to normal; I can possibly also credit that to accupunture. My accupunturist said no more than 2 drinks a week so I decided to just stop altogether.
Good luck to you & happy holidays!!!


Hi Lori38

I read this:

Alcohol hinders having a baby through IVF, couples warned | Society | guardian.co.uk

and it was enough to me to cut down to one a week. I’m going to go to none in Jan - I have my transfer scheduled right at the end.

My re didn’t recommend stopping but I want to do everything possible to help with this attempt. Good luck with everything.


If an occasional glass of wine helps you relax and you enjoy it, I’d have it. I really don’t think it matters and as G&P mom said relaxation is probably more important. Less than 4 glasses a week is not much. I’ve not restricted and not restricted and it made no difference in my egg quality.

If wine kept people from getting pregnant - even people with subpar egg quality - then I’d be inclined to believe that would be a lot more popular means of birth control than condoms, Mirena or the pill.


I have to add to this. I love wine and love to take a lass to the bathtub with me at night after dd is in bed. Her cycle 3 years ago I stopped everything, never drank or had coffee, etc. I had dd from a FET with frozen from that cycle. Years later we did another fet frm that batch that resulted in a chem. This january we did a fresh IVF. I was going through alot personally and had 1-3 glasses of wine a week or so. Never more than one glass a night, except for one night, while i was on stimms I had 2 and it felt like it was a little too much. I had the occasional glass all through stims but nothing after egg retrieval and continued through my whole pregnancy to abstain. The cycle I had wine through produced more eggs and more frozen! And I actually ended up having twins!! plus 4 more in the freezer! Much more successful then the cycle I was so strict on myself. I think being good to yourself and taking care of yourself and managing stress can be done in many ways. I love relaxing with a glass of wine and I dont think it hurt my cycle at all!! Sorry this is rambling and hope it helps. Do what makes you feel at your best to handle how hard IF and IVF can be!! good luck!!


Hi ladies

Thanks for all your comments,I think ill just refrain from wine or very little starting jan 1st so that will give 2-3 months until my next ivf…is that enough time? I guess im concerned about the wine I consumed since the last mc…it was more than I ususally do…do you think that will impact my next cycle? Sorry, im just worried and tired of infertility…thanks for everything


Just be warned, I read on another thread that alcohol and estrogen do not mix and can make you feel sick/quesey (sp?).
Personally I abstain 100% from alcohol and caffeine when stimming. It is very hard for me as I have at least 2 glasses a night, every night ( I love me some wine!). So far it hasn’t made a lick of differnece, but I feel better that I’m at least doing eveything I can.