I dont know what this means:


Heres a little history on myself and situation.

I easily fell pregnant at the age of 17 with my now 11 year old son (Im 29). I had a c-section with him in 2001. Breastfed for 2 months and then stopped and I gained almost 75 pounds. My weight has been there since no matter how hard I work at it which is very frustrating. ANyways since I had my son I only have 1 period a year if that. We have always wanted a second child and have never used birth control. Done the provera, done the birth control, and nothing regulates me. I went in for an annual 2 days ago and had blood work done. I have always had a thyroid issue. They just upped my dosage again (hypo) to 100mg. They also tested my LH and FSH levels which were 14 LH and 6 FSH. So my question is what do these levels mean and are they good? Is there still hope of having another child. I have had ultrasounds and everything done and every time they say everything looks great so why cant I get prego? So frustrated and losing hope fast and again my husband and I want a second child soooooo bad :frowning: Any help is greatly appreciated!


All i know is when FSH is done on CD3 a FSH level of 6 is good. LH at 14 on CD3 indicates PCOS. Around ovulation a LH level should be around 20. Here is a website that explains what levels at what days they should be. Hormone Levels & Fertility Bloodwork - Fertility Plus Goodluck!!


Are you seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist? If not I highly recommend going that route. Infertility and hormones can be very complicated and really needs a specialist. There is certainly lots of options for you though so have hope!! :grouphug: