I don't understand anything: Help?


I see a lot of posts with a lot of abbreviations I don’t understand. I thought I would post my situation and then see what people think.

I’m 32 yrs old (Male) I’ve been a powerlifter for 7 years. Around year 4 I noticed that I wasn’t able to keep up with my regiment. I thought something was wrong. I went in for a regular physical and had hormones checked as well. I had a low Testosterone count and my thyroid levels were on the very low end of the scale (By Japanese standards, that’s where I live).

I was put on HCG since my low testosterone levels were not directly due to my testes. However, after a few years my doc had me on testosterone shots which made life easier.

At the beginning of 2008 my wife and I tried to conceive. She was 38 going on 39 (Healthy…as many Japanese women are due to diet of the country). After a year, I decided to get myself checked first. I read that usually the problem lies with the man and that it is easier to check. So that’s what I did.

I had a sperm count of zero. I was referred to an endocrinologist. He switched me back to HCG only. This didn’t improve my sperm count by much. I was somewhere around 4 million (I can only remember the number 4 to the power of something). Motility was also low.

I was referred to a urologist who would put me on HCG and HMG. The HMG would increase my sperm count he said. After 3 months, it was up to 85 (To the power of something) and motility was also high. We got this news around the January of this year. We kept trying but couldn’t conceive.

My wife went in to get a basic check up. Unfortunately, he doctor was an ******* and she came crying home having felt violated. He was very disrespectful when taking her history etc. She didn’t want to go back for the results. We had them sent to my doctor. Her basic check-up showed no problems, but I’m not sure what that check-up completely entailed.

Now we’re thinking more AIH and that way of trying to conceive. We tried hard the last month to time her ovulation and make sure sperm was there. No luck. She had her period yesterday.

She just turned 41 and I understand that age becomes a factor. I’m hoping it’s not what keeps us from having a child.

I think (But can’t say for sure) that stress is a big issue. Her mother lives with us and is handful. She can’t take care of herself and my wife is feeling the pressure there. Constant arguments between them. That’s can’t be good during ovulation.

My wife also has a glass or two of wine every night. She may go and have more. That’s her ‘stress reliever’, but I don’t know if THAT also gets in the way or not.

I’m hoping the doctor today will tell her what she can and can’t do, giving her some healthy guidelines to follow. Her diet is very good, she’s physically healthy and looks nowhere near 41. Looks don’t matter, I know, but they can often be a sign of how well you take care of yourself I believe. With the exception of wine, she’s all about organic this and that, veggies and fruits, raw fish, grilled fish, her daily supplements…

OK…that’s my story. Hope you can chime in:pray:


With age the ovarian response reduces and can be diagnosed on hormonal evaluation only . In view of her age , the response is likely to be guarded . You may try with an IVF cycle. You can get in touch with us [email protected]

Dr. Goral


With age the ovarian response reduces and can be diagnosed on hormonal evaluation only . In view of her age , the response is likely to be guarded . You may try with an IVF cycle. You can get in touch with us [email protected]

Dr. Goral


It really sounds like you guys don’t have time on your side. No matter how healthy and young your wife looks and feels, women are born with a limited amount of eggs and by the time we’re in our 40’s there’s a pretty limited supply - not helped by the fact that women tend to ovulate the best quality ones earlier in life. I wouldn’t wait, and seek some help as soon as possible. Due to your issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if your doctor doesn’t recommend IVF with ICSI. It sounds terribly daunting, and we did everything to avoid it, but honestly it really isn’t so bad. And once you’ve got a baby on board, it all quickly fades to a distant memory! Maybe try to find a female doctor to make your wife more comfortable, and don’t be afraid to shop around. At one point, I consulted with three doctors at once, trying to vet out who I trusted the most. Good luck!!


Yes, I agree with the previous posters. Time becomes the enemy, especially after 35 and then even more so after 40. While you all can still conceive, you should get completely checked out and possibly proceed to treatments. It sounds like your wife had a difficult time with the doctor visit, but she should find a new one then because she definitely needs to find out what her hormone levels are, if her tubes are open, etc. And, if she’s too afraid to talk to the doctor, she may not even know what tests he’s doing or be able to ask questions that will help the process along. Do you have any reproductive endocrinologists around you? They (REs) specialize in dealing with infertility and getting couples pregnant. Best of luck to you all!