I feel like this month is a waste...


I am so frustrated this morning! I got a positive on the OPK yesterday so we are right around the most fertile days. Dh leaves this morning on a business trip for a few days…ugh great timing. I figured we could try once more this morning then maybe we would be okay. Of course he was stressed about leaving on time for his trip and was unable to perform. :grr: This has happened before where he wasn’t able to perform due to stress, too many days of trying, etc. Does anyone else have this? His counts are pretty good, but then this happens. We are going to do an IUI next month so hopefully that will work for us.


We have a similar situation. After two years of trying, we are tired! We just aren’t as interested in baby:dance: as we once were. Each month starts out ok, but by the end of those few days we are exhausted and frustrated. We are also going to do out first IUI next month, so I am hopoing that will work for us. :grr:


DH has the same issues. And not to worry you, but we had that issue on our first IUI–he couldn’t provide a sample. I realized that I had to take some of the pressure off him. While I always had the fear it would happen again, it didn’t and we were successful.


That was one of the first things that went through my mind this morning—ugh what if this happens when we do the iui! :confused: When we did the SA analysis he collected at home since we live pretty close, but I want him to collect there when we do the iui so that everythng goes okay. Fingers crossed for Dec! :babydust: