I feel Trapped


Hi! I’ve decided to join this forum because I need your help… Two years ago, both of my ovaries were extracted because of large cysts on them. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to conceive a baby. Now I’m married to a brilliant man whom I love very much. Both of us dream about conceiving and giving a birth to our mutual baby, but I can do this only with a donor egg. We got interested in one fertility clinic, and here is my feedback about it. This clinic is situated in Eastern Europe and has loads of favorable feedbacks among its former clients. We’ve contacted one woman on the fertility forum who was a former patient of this clinic, and she also highly recommended this clinic. However, when we came to that country, we were a little bit puzzled by the things we saw there. When we entered the clinic’s hall, we saw loads of people there. There wasn’t even a vacant room to stand. Some people had to sit on the stairs, and it looked really funny… A cold and unfriendly administrator told us that our manager in charge is busy, so we have to wait our turn. Overall, we waited nearly 2 hours before the manager came into the clinic hall and invited us to see a doctor. The atmosphere was noisy and unpleasant. The staff was constantly going forwards and backwards. It seemed that the telephone was ringing for ages and nobody wanted to answer to it… All in all, we spent loads of time waiting in the queue before we were able to meet the fertility specialist and talk about our problems. It was so unpleasant… My husband got really angry and was about to leave the clinic, when our clinic manager came to us and conducted us to the doctor’s office… Why didn’t they do this when we had just come to the clinic??? Overall, we liked the way the clinic’s doctor talked with us, but the organization of the clinic’s work is really awful. We decided not to sign up a contract yet… Now we have to decide what to do further. The clinic does have many patients, but they can’t treat them properly…

P.S. We visited another fertility clinic. The things were different there. The clinic’s staff was very courteous, and the doctor was so soothing. However, I was a little bit by the empty clinic’s halls. It was soooo frightening… We decided not to sign up a contract with this clinic either… and now we don’t know what to do further.


Sounds not good!!! I definitely dislike the first clinic. They shouldn’t have treated you like this way. I think reputable clinics can always organize their work properly. As for the second clinic, it seems to be much better. However, you should feel comfortable with it, and if you don’t have this, it’s better to quit them too.

P.S. I would also advise you to check the success rates of both clinics and then make the final decision.


Wow, I even had no idea that clinic could act in such way. But honestly, I faced such behavior many years ago. Mu doctor made an awful mistake and thanks God,I stayed alive. Any way, you should change the clinic, despite your husband’s attitude.
Yesterday, I contacted one clinic. And the consultant seemed to be very nice, she asked me a lot of questions and gave good advices. We had a pretty long conversation, and now we are waiting for a response.
I read a lot of comments here about clinic, you told your previous was in the Eastern Europe, it’s also in Europe, in Ukraine. I don’t know if you heard about it.


The thing is we made something like a small research before visiting the first clinic. It seems to be a reputable one. There are quite a lot of positive feedbacks about the fertility specialist who work there. Their halls are full of patients. I think it’s a good sign. However, the staff is very formal. You feel a little bit uncomfortable when they speak with you… It disappoints in some way, I should say…


Why uncomfortable? Do they rude with other people or what? I don’t understand you, could you be so kind and explain me your attitude?

btw, what is the clinic you talk about? because you haven’t mentioned the name before.

As far as I’ve heard the clinic we would go soon is pretty good. It has high success rate and positive feedbacks. I was reading a lot of them. On this forum I found lots of fellows who have already had their experience there. And they seem to be satisfied with journeys they had.


If I were in your shoes, I would check the way they are selecting egg donor’s for their ED IVF programs. These should be healthy women. The clinic should ask each woman who desires to share her eggs do certain medical tests. The clinic’s representatives must also pay attention to the donor’s heredity. I think they should study her family tree to decide whether this woman is able to produce oocytes of a high quality or not. I consider these things a real must. What do you think about it?


I’m going to deal with Biotexcom. It’s a reproductive clinic that is situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. The clinic seems to be a selective one. According to the contract we’re to sign up, they offer us oocytes of 18-25 year-old egg donors. Each egg donor should pass a rigorous medical check to find out whether she is healthy enough to donate her eggs. The clinic’s representatives also study the woman’s genealogical tree to find out whether her parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts don’t have any hereditary diseases. Each egg donor must also have at least one healthy child. This is the way they are select egg donors for their patients. What do you think about it?


Hi, yes those are the standard parameters of selecting an egg donor. Besides, some clinics also check them for mental health/IQ. Sounds alright. You have to trust your gut on which doctor to go with - if I don’t feel comfortable with the doctor, I walk out.


You are definitely right. All women are undergoing sets of different tests, then the clinic decides if she can take part in this program or not. As far as I know, the donors have to be healthy, have at least one child. Without bad habits like smoking, alcohol or drugs. Also they have to be from 18 to 29 years old. These women are able to produce oocytes of a high quality, in case they can’t do it they won’t be the egg donors for this clinic.

Every clinic has strict criteria for the egg donors. So, there are no worries about it.


Is it really bad if a clinic has lines? I had surrogacy in BioTexCom. Yes, lines were long. We’ve also been waiting for hours. But is it REALLY that bad? Those lines and crowded halls only convinced me that I can trust this place. People go there from all over the world because doctors of this clinic know their job. I see more reviews about this clinic every day and I’m so happy I made the right choice. It’s ok to put up with standing and waiting for so great result. We were completely satisfied with their services and attitude. They found sm for us in 2,5 months. We didn’t expect it will be so fast! We thought we’ll have to wait longer. Our program coordinator and other staff were guiding us all the time. Thanks to them our journey was going smooth and we had nothing to worry about. I became mom 2 years ago and it was the happiest moment in my life! I think it’s worth of waiting.


Feifei, great feedback! I’m really glad for you and your family! As far as I know, the age of the egg donor does influence on the quality of the oocytes. The younger the woman is, the more qualitative oocytes she produces. The fact that they offer you oocytes of 18-25-year-old egg donors sounds quite favorable. I also liked the fact that they would check the heredity of the egg donor. It’s really very important to do this as you must be 100% sure that your future baby will be totally healthy. However, I have one more question. Ilovelife, how would they choose egg donor particularly for your ED journey?


When we were going to visit the clinic for the first time, we sent them a short description of the woman who would suit us as an egg donor. We specified such details as height, weight, hair and eye color. Our program coordinator told us that they have a large database of egg donors. They usually use a special software to find an egg donor for a particular DE IVF. If we sign up a contract with them, we’ll be able to see the donor’s 3D photo. This is the way they will select an egg donor for us. What do you think about it?


I think it’s great you’ll be able to see the 3D photo of the egg donor. As far as I know, not all fertility clinics are ready to provide such an opportunity. We’ve contacted one fertility clinic here, in Canada. (Maybe, I haven’t mentioned before, but I have a low ovarian reserve and also need DE IVF to get pregnant.) We were provided with the profile of the egg donor. We could read some information about the egg donor’s height, weight, education, health condition and etc. We did several attempts, and I got pregnant after the second one…

P.S. Hun, will they charge any additional fees for the opportunity to see the donor’s 3D photo?


I don’t think they would charge any additional fees. According to the contract we’re to sign up, the clinic will charge only a fixed sum. As we’re going to book several shots, this sum will be divided into several installments. We will be able to make the payment either in cash or via a bank transfer. So this is the way they charge the fees for their services. What do you think about it?


Hello ilovelife,
I’ve just seen your post and want to assure you that there is no need to worry. I’m with the same clinic and we didn’t pay any extra money. At first we were very doubtful just like you but as time went by we became more confident in our decision. We had no issues throughout the process anyway. if you have any question you may ask me, maybe I can be helpful to you. best wishes!
Laura xx


Hi, Ilovelife. Could you please share the name of the clinic you’re going to deal with? Where is this clinic situated?

P.S. My hubby and I got interested in this clinic. We want to visit the official website of this clinic and check their prices. Maybe, we’ll contact them, who knows… Could you also share the list of the tests they require for DE IVF?


Hi, CandyCane. We were going to deal with Biotexcom. It’s a Ukrainian fertility clinic, which is situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. We found quite a lot of positive feedbacks about them on the net. In addition, the clinic offers egg donation packages for a very reasonable price. These were the main reasons why we contacted them. I don’t think they would ask you to do any special tests. I did some hormone and blood tests. My hubby did a sperm test. You can visit their official website and find more detailed information there.


We visited the official website of that clinic. I should say that they offer very favorable DE IVF packages. Their prices are more than reasonable. We quite liked the fact that they offer free accommodation and transportation services. Not all clinics are ready to offer this. We contacted the clinic’s reps and they offered us to visit them. So have you made up your mind what to do further? Will you deal with them or not?


I think we’ll deal with them. The clinic doesn’t charge much for its services, and it suits us much. However, they are a little bit overcrowded. I think it’s their only minus. They called us the other days and offered to visit them. My hubby says we should ago. I still hesitate…


You are now on cross roads. I understand exactly the situation that you are in. Choosing a clinic is one hectic thing to do. I was in the same shoe as you. I can even remember how we really wasted money before we became parents. Some clinic tell you of how their services are good but then when you reach there you are puzzled. This is the reason I always prefer to access the are before signing for a contract. I know of a clinic in Ukraine you might want to try it out. It has the best services and very affordable. They do have clients, I cannot refute that. But their management is the best thing. Spacious halls and rooms plus very understanding doctors. Can you even imagine that they are running out of 2018 economy class? So one has to book with them before the end of the week. In general I was very satisfied with their results. I am sure you will love them too. I am content with where I am right now as their client.