I Hate Pants!


I have this ongoing issue with buying pants because “well, what if I’m pregnant?” It’s to the point where I haven’t bought myself a nice pair of pants in two years.

The reason I’m bring this up right now is because I just bought myself a pair of corduroy pants, and last night I said to my DH “I think I should return these, I can’t wear them for at least another month (it’s too hot out), and what if I finally get pregnant?”

What is wrong with me?!?! I feel like I plan EVERYTHING around this ongoing hope of being pregnant – everything from vacations to birthdays to weddings to corduroy pants. I know that I need to just live my life and if I’m pregnant, these pants (vacation, dress for a wedding) will mean nothing to me, but I can’t help myself…I’m a planner.

Another example, I was a god mother to my SIL at her wedding (two years ago). I would NOT buy a dress until 2 months beforehand because “well, what if I become pregnant?” Needless to say, I did not become pregnant, I could have bought a dress on sale but instead I paid full price…JUST IN CASE!

AHHH…I annoy myself. :grr:

Anyway…does anyone else do this?


Yes, yes, and yes!!! I’ve been putting off buying clothes, making travel plans, and getting back into a hard-core workout routine at various times over the past three years hoping that this month will be the one where it’ll all change. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been putting my life on hold until that one final detail works out! It’s hard to fight that compulsion, but I think the only way to stay sane through this lovely IF process is to keep going on with your life. I say keep the pants and enjoy them for as long as you can–if they don’t fit in a couple months, you’ll have something better to focus on, and if they do, you’ll have a great new addition to your wardrobe. :smiley:


Keep the pants - they’ll be good luck!

Most first time moms don’t show for at least 4-5 months or longer and then you can wear them with a belly band for a bit … and wear them after baby, too.


Kika - I could have written your exact post!


I totally relate to this. So, when I started ttc I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and I thought “oh, hey, I can’t have my mother come help and stay with me in this place” so I bought a 3 bedroom house. I had always planned on getting a dog when I finally had a yard but I couldn’t get a new dog, not when I might have to prepare for a baby! And I said to myself “alcohol is bad for possible babies” so I completely stopped drinking. I bought some comfy summer dresses that had plenty of room in the middle. JUST IN CASE.

I eventually realized that I was doing it all wrong. I got the dog and I have a few drinks now and again and if I need a little retail therapy, I buy stuff that fits me NOW. I’m much happier. Keep the pants!!!


Kika, you are so much like me. I have these “what if” thoughts all the time. In reality, I have given up on the hopes of being pregnant and my husband thinks I am very pessimistic. BUT, I still do have “what if” thoughts. Since I started TTC 5-6 years ago, every month I feel I should not buy sanitary napkins. Or, I should not buy straight skirts or pants, because what if I get pregnant. I stopped drinking coffee at some point of time thinking what if I am pregnant right now. :slight_smile: After I had chemical pregnancy last month, I came from doctor’s office and drank 2 mugs of coffee. But next day I again had the same thought… I’ll give up on caffeine because what-if. It’s nice to know there are people like me and I am not (so) crazy :slight_smile:


HAHAHA…Yes, I completely get the sanitary napkins…LOL…that made me laugh! I buy mine from Costco, and the last time I bought I thought to myself “do I really need ALL of these?” Apparently I did, cause the re-buy is coming up!


Ladies, buy whatever you want that makes you happy. If it makes you feel good do it, if you have regrets on buying it… return it. Plan a vacation, go out and be happy. The best thing you can do is do whatever to keep your spirits up, keep positive.

I hate pants too, i’m stimming and all i can wear a yoga pants:p


Yup. We were going to go on a bike trip through the UK four years ago, but what if I get pregnant? Then came an eternity of timing and realizing and diagnosing and 8 IUIs and I’m still not pregnant. I finally decided that with my luck, as soon as I commit to something I genuinely can’t do pregnant, it will finally work. That reverse psychology hasn’t actually gotten me knocked up but it makes it easier to rationalize buying a year membership to the climbing gym. I say just plug ahead. But yeah: you’re normal.

If you can’t fit the pants, it will be because you’re thrilled. So don’t sweat it.


Hey everyone! I’m keeping the pants :slight_smile: They really are nice - thanks for letting me know that these thought are normal :grouphug:


I completely get it! My husband is planning a surprise vacation for me for my 30th birthday (In October), and I asked him if it was an all-inclusive because what if?!?!?! LOL - I make myself crazy!
I love the reverse psychology!