I have a hard decision...what to do


Well after being told we were scrapping this cycle, I went to the RE today to find out I have once again probably hyperstimulated. The RE said she has never seen a case like while taking injections I don’t respond after 5 days off of meds I have 8 mature follicles. Now the question is do we have TI, decline to do anything this cycle again, or go in to have cysts drained. It is such a hard decision


for me it would depend on follie size- are any good quality, and e2 levels. i’d wanna try, because i know what this is like, but at the same time, i’d be really nervous that triggering could hit several at once…you really need your RE involved in this decision…my RE would not let me trigger for any good follies over 3 just because we want to try and avoid SR.

i’m out this month for OHSS as well, so hoping that the cysts shrink and looking forward to december. good luck! -a-


Yeah I have 6 follicles that are 16 and higher. My RE wants me to scrap the month. I have this feeling that if I don’t try I will not have anymore chances. She wants me to be safe but the way this is going I am hyperstim every time I take medication…well technically I have only done this twice and it has happened twice. I won’t trigger because I have the LH surge and my E2 is up, when I triggered at my previous RE I went through OHSS in full force.

Just everyone is looking for me for the answers and I don’t have one, I want to be safe but I want a baby so then I have this line of gray that I just can’t figure out where it starts or ends. I wish I could be a normal girl with a normal pregnancy but I have learned that is not in my cards.

Thanks for the reply and good luck we will get there


i totally understand how this feels…i had a complete breakdown yesterday to DH because i found out that my cyst was still present…i already sort of knew, but having the US to confirm it and then having RE say we had to skip Nov seemed to send me into turmoil!

i agree with the “try now, there may be no other chance” thing, but honestly, i am learning to just completely put this into the RE and God’s hands.

i know that I only have 2 months of Gonal F, and that will be the end for us (so Dec and Jan at best) and while i know this now (and am calm about it), as January looms closer, i’m sure i’ll completely fall apart if we still get :bfn: !!!

keep your chin up and keep positive thoughts! -a-


Hi Elizabeth,

I realize I’m jumping on the bandwagon a bit late here and you have probably already made your decision, but my vote would be to sit this cycle out and follow your RE’s guidance. That’s what he/she is paid the big bucks for!

I was in the same situation almost exactly a year ago. I overstimmed and had 12 follies larger than 14mm. The doctor said no intercourse for a week and did not have me trigger. I have a hard time making any viable follies, and it was really hard to let that cycle go. There was a little part of me that wanted to give it a try “just to see what happened.”

Well, the following month I made only one follicle that took FOREVER to grow. I had very little hope for the cycle, but as you can see from my signature I got my :bfp: on Christmas Eve. I was at my parents house and fell to my knees in disbelief…kept it a secret until Christmas morning so my DH could open the positive test. It was the best day of my life.

Soooo one follicle is all it takes. I currently have a very sweet, very large baby sleeping in a sling on my chest as I type this. :slight_smile: We often joke about how good it was that we didn’t do TI on that overstimmed cycle. Who knows how many would’ve fertilized and what horrible decisions we would’ve been faced with. I am SO glad we waited.

Just my two cents from someone who has been there. Hope you get your :bfp: and find all the happiness you are looking for!