I have a question please someone help


im new here, and I have a question that I’m hoping someone can answer for me. … I had an egg retrieval yesterday morning, they only got 3 eggs…well this morning they called and said that there was only one…and it was an abnormal embryo…BUT said they will check it tomorrow…my question is can a embryo be abnormal one day and then the next it be fine? Do they transfer abnormal embryos? If so what happens with the pregnancy or baby?? Thank you so much for any help on this!!!


did they say the egg was abnormal or that it looked like it fertilized abnormally? I would think they would only check if it looked like it fertilized abnormally and they think maybe it could turn around? Not sure what waiting a day would do for an abnormal egg…

I’m really sorry this happened to you…(((hugs)))


I’m sorry yes that it fertilized abnormally. I am so stressed I don’t know what I’m writing…lol… Thank you so much for your reply and hug, I really needed that!!!


My guess is they think it fertilized abnormally. Sometimes, embryos that look like they fertilize abnormally can actually end up being normal embryos and result in transfer. I can’t remember the specifics. I think it is that if they have less pronuclei than normal, sometimes the embryos can be okay, but if they have more, they cannot and they will not transfer these embryos. This may not be right, but it is what I remember. I had an embryo that initially looked like it fertilized abnormally transferred once along with one more embryo of poor quality. By transfer day, the embryo that looked like it fertilized abnormally had begun to divide. That resulted in implantation (I don’t know which embryo implanted), but it was ectopic, but it did result in implantation.

Were the other 2 eggs immature or did they just not fertilize? Did you use ICSI? Either way, this can often be corrected on your next IVF attempt either by using a different protocol, or sometimes a different lab and RE also. See my signature below how I went from no fertilization on my first IVF to 100% fertilization on my second.