I have been having some mild cramping


Hey there everyone!!

I am currently 8 days post IUI. I have been having some mild cramping and extreme nausea for the past few days. Does this mean anything or am I getting excited a little too early?

Thanks so much!


Cramping could be implantation! :smiley: Lots of :babydust: to you!


me too!

Ally45669 - this was my first iui ever, i’m on the same boat as you, same symptoms but got a call today and my progesterone levels were at a ten, so i have to take suppositories, no experience with that! a little scared, baby dust to us all!!!:pray:


Same here! This was also my first IUI and I’m having severe cramping and really bad headaches. It actually hurts to move around, I hope this normal.


Hate how those pre-preg symptoms are so close to PMS…! Fingers crossed for you

I am waiting… and waiting… and patiently waiting. Had fresh blastocyst transferred 6 days ago… first preg test not for another week…! Happy thoughts to you all.


I took the first progesterone thingy up my you know what last night, and woke up with a headache, could the s/e be happening this fast? i’m also going on vacation for a week (planned months ago) so of course no drinking (planned the trip at a stressful time in my life and was looking forward to just kicking back) but hope it will all be worth it :slight_smile: hopefully it will force me to relax! On to the 2ww!

Baby Dustings!!