I have been TTC since October


This is actually the first time I have ever participated in a blog, and sadden to say this infertility blog is where I start.

Any hoo, my husband and I have been TTC since October of 2011 and we’re not getting anywhere. I have never had a regular AF so was already prepared to do some “leg work”. I have since had blood work to test for FSH, T7, some kind of additional hormone and thyroid test. All my tests have come back, what I have been told, excellent, great, and completely normal.

My husband is set to do his semen analysis on Monday the 11th and I have also been set to do an ovulation blood test on the 18th of this month, to check to see if I have ovulated. I will also be scheduled for the HSG to check for blockage of my tubes if necessary.

I am only writing for support and encouragement seeing as I have just had my first mental and physical break down, which i am not proud of. Only because seeing as my husband has a daughter, who is 7 yrs old, I was honestly hoping that the issue would be my own and either I could take a pill or be told definitively that I was unable to have a child. I am now done with the pity party and would like to move on and look forward.

We have talked and have decided that IVF is not something we are interested in doing. We would rather go the route of adopting if all else fails. I am however OK with trying fertility drugs and seeing where this all leads.

I am just looking for a little support system to talk with and to find out as much information about what I am going to look forward to as possible.

Please give me any advice and guidance you can supply.

Thank you.


Hi grayeyes1113,

We have been TTC for about the same amount of time and I was also told I was pretty much all good (DH is fine too). My only problem seems to be a small cervix and I know I don’t produce enough CM so I’m trying to remedy that with drinking water and taking a supplement. Hang in there…this process is extremely emotional and frustrating but we all understand how you’re feeling. Good Luck!