I have begun to have minor panic attacks when babies come into my workplace


And for my next trick…a minor panic attack when someone brings a new baby into my workplace…:grr:

I work in a fairly large office so someone is nearly always either pregnant or just given birth. It’s customary after the new baby is born to bring it in to show everyone.

I’m finding the longer we ttc unsuccessfully, the worse I feel when someone brings their baby to work. The best trick I have found is to quickly exit the office and avoid looking at the new baby being passed around. If I look at it too long I start becoming upset.

Are there any tricks you use to stop this happening, or is it just a thing that goes with the territory of ttc? I try and think “oh, I will have one of those (baby) soon too” but after so long, it’s hard to keep believing it and unfortunately all I can see is what I don’t have… :frowning:


I have to say we are quite similar. I am 29 and my husband is 37. We have been ttc since 2008 with no luck so far. My husband and I have both been tested and seem fine so far… I have not started any kind of treatment as of yet. Waiting for AF this month so I can have another test. I’m irregular so my two week wait is more like a month.

Something changed this month…I have stopped being so concerned about what is going on around me becuase I have finally (after 3 years) realized that there is NOTHING I can do to change it… my friends are going to get pregnant and have babies, co workers are going to brag about their children and no one in my family is ever going to “get it”. I’m not giving up, just changing my out look. Maybe it’s acceptance, maybe is another step in the infertility rollercoaster, but I hope you get here… it is kinda nice. I trully think these threads, finding out that I am not so different has really helped.

If you need to vent some more I’m here nad we have ALL been through it! ~Jackie


Poppy ~ I completely agree with you! I find it so hard to be around others that are either showing off their newborn or U/S pictures! Just today a co-worker had to show me 9 of her U/S pictures from yesterday. She had to go on and on and ON about the pregnancy and how she feeling.

I just smiled and said the appropriate things, but inside I was crying. I generally try to avoid all contact with pregnant or recently postpardum women.

My DH doesn’t understand. He always likes to point out pregnant women and new babies. I guess he thinks it will cheer me up or something. He will say, “Look she’s pregnant! You will look like that one day.” I know he means well, but I just have this feeling that it really won’t happen one day.

I have been trying to convince myself that I really don’t want kids anyway. I keep thinking about all the things that I could without a child, but inside I know that I have wanted a child for so long.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a new RE, so we shall see what happens. Thanks for letting me vent.