I have had three pg’s,


Any ladies have a successful pg with a thin lining to start? I have an abnormally small uterus due to an odd form of diabetes that causes some organs to develop incorrectly and my lining is very thin, usually 5 or 5.5mm even right before transfer. I have had three pg’s, all which resulted in m/c. So my question is, does anyone else have a problem with a thin lining? I feel somewhat alone in this issue.Although I know at least I’m not alone in the FET world!


Hi Chicago. I also have lining problems–so you are not alone! The only time I ever got further than a chemical pregnancy was before my lining issues started, so I don’t have any success story for you, but I do acupuncture and it’s supposed to help a lot, and it has increased my lining in general a bit. I also hear raspberry leaf supplement or tea can help.

I have age issues, too, so I’m not sure the lining is the whole problem.

Wishing you all the best!

PS. Just found this thread and it might give you (and me) some hope: BFP with a thin lining?? need some hope or suggestions!


Thank you!!!


has your Re tried giving you viagra?


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