I have high toxoplasma!


Hi ladies

This is my third post after my BFP
I got a call today from my clinic telling me i have to repeat the toxoplasma test in two days as the result shows it was elivated !! I did not have any idea what is this i searched a lot in google and it is all bad and scarry things including brain damage to the fetus

Omg:grr: i really want to enjoy this pregnancy why is this happening to me …
Last week i went for my first u/s and everything went great i saw my lil bean and heard the hb … today am 6+2 weeks

Does any one experienced this or heard about it … please ease my mind


Toxoplasma or toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is a disease you can get from cleaning cat’s feces. Do you have cats at home? I was told not to clean my cat’s litter box when TTC. Playing with them is okay.


Another way to get it is from eating raw meat. So make sure everything you eat is thoroughly cooked.