I have PCOS


I have PCOS. Whenever I get over 160lbs my periods stop. I knew this growing up, but never knew why. I am 33 now. It wasn’t until 2 years ago a Dr finally told me what was going on. He prescribed medication to start a menstruation cycle.

Currently I am at 182. I have actually lost 20lbs. Yes, I am trying to get preggers.

I have been reading a lot about medications to see what I can do to start ovulating. I keep seeing Clomid come up.

Is Clomid only for people who have irregular periods? Can someone like me (who doesn’t have any) take this?

Will the doctor prescribe me something else to make me menstruate?

If anyone has any info on this, let me know. Thanks. :pray:


clomid is perfect for those of us with PCOS because it sort of forces our bodies to mature a follicle (or more than 1) and then ovulate, which we probably would not do otherwise…typically, the doc will give you something like Provera to start your cycle. you take it for 5-10 days and then you’ll start AF within 2 weeks of your last dose.

once your AF starts, you will be given a dosing instruction for clomid (every doc does it different). around day 11-15 of your cycle, you will likely have a mid-cycle ultrasound. this is to measure and count your follicles.

some docs will automatically do a trigger shot as well (this is Hcg) to “trigger” the release of the egg (ovulation), but some docs will wait a cycle or two to see if you will release on your own.

then…you BD according to doc’s instructions (typically day before, day of, and day after ovulation but different for all)…and then the wait. and you wait. and you wait. and you wait. and then finally,around day 26-30 of your cycle, you get to finally test!!!

so yes, clomid is the appropriate first-line drug for PCOS. you will be happy to know that it is very effective for PCOS and even though you will probably have some side effects, if you get a BFP, it’s totally worth it!!! good luck-a-