I haven’t had any swelling until now


I’m 33w5days and I woke up and my face looks like the marshmellow man… I haven’t had any swelling until now. I can’t wear some of my rings that I typically wear but my wedding rings are okay, my face is very swollen, hands just a little and my feet seem totally fine…I look awful! Anyone else swollen? How far along where you when you started swelling…


My doctor always told me to phone at any sign of swelling. My face never swelled, just my feet and hands. Swelling can be serious business – although it’s likely just fine – I’d put a call in to the OB.


Heh, you’re one day behind me! Well, I’ve been swelling in my hands and feet since the beginning of the second trimester, but a few weeks ago I had to stop wearing rings and stuff although it still wasn’t too bad. Anyway, Friday (the 6th), I went to the office holiday party and wore heels for the first time since I switched to tennishoes in the first trimester, and HOLY COW did I have cankles. They stayed like that all weekend and I can tell I’m swelling more than I have before. In our childbirth class yesterday, my wrists got tingly and numb any time I held my hands in a weird position, and my hands often go to sleep during the night until I move around. All that to say, way back when I started swelling I asked my doctor about it and everything was normal; it just seems to be what’s happening to me. So I feel your pain (literally) but also, I would definitely ask your doctor because you don’t want to mess around with anything if it’s due to some underlying condition.


Swelling is the acute prob when it happens in the body and this is due to injury.So any anti swelling cream must be apply on that specific area to cure it.